Sex cravings that every man wants to satisfy

In love and sex, anything goes, so let your fantasies run free and enjoy each intimate encounter … Take note!

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Sex cravings that every man wants to satisfy

When having sex the men have many “cravings” or fantasies that raise their temperature; they dream of things that would not be bad to try, those that may seem difficult to achieve, but that many times can become a reality.

And it is that as men, sex becomes an incentive of fantasies, sometimes caused by pornography, others simply by the need to explore something else that satisfies them.

In fact, between friends’ talks, each one exposes those things that go through his mind and excite them. In this sense, in we have compiled a list of the most common sexual “cravings” of men. It should be noted that everything must be consensual, so if something is proposed to you that you do not feel comfortable with, you are not obliged to do it just “to fulfill the fantasy” of the other … Take note!

The “Sex Cravings” Every Man Wants to Satisfy

A woman who can get turned on on her own

The women, as you know, need more time to be stimulated; Despite that, men are always willing to lend a hand … or two.

Fun sex

Unfortunately, sexual experiences in real life do not go as perfectly as in the movies, there are things that can kill a moment of passion. The important thing is that both of you have fun and enjoy yourself. They like that their partner gives them some tips on what to do, to raise the temperature even more.


Something they really like is seeing their partner totally naked and appreciating her body, touching her and admiring her.

The “naughty” women

A lot of girls let grief keep them from being as naughty as they really are, but is that a good thing? They like that they dare and do new things.

The new experiences

They love to think and remember everything that happened the night before, so if you’re good in bed, your man will appreciate it; They love that each experience is unique and incomparable, good oral sex, a good horseback ride, or something kinky.


Forget about routine poses, they love that each relationship is different, today was in bed, tomorrow in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or why not? in the car … Dare more and he will thank you, ride him, make him dominate you, seduce him …

Dare to more

You will get a lot of sex points if you propose to have sex in unexpected places. Invite him to a closet or a dark room during a party, that will increase his ego because it will show him that he turns you on.

Make me want you more

Start the game of “I do not want (yes I do)”, let him understand that if he wants to have you, he will have to come for you. Give him a wet kiss and then pull him away from you while you shoot him a fiery look; In the end, the beast inside them will come out …

Sometimes they like them to do everything

Sometimes they don’t want to do anything and they just hope that they take the reins and do whatever it takes with them, so that’s a good time for you to show them all the skills you have in bed… explode!

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