Routine Fitness – 10 Tips For Success


Starting to go to the gym or to practice sports are objectives that often become difficult to fulfill or maintain over time, since many times factors such as lack of practice, ignorance or lack of motivation cause us to give up early. expected. Such simple steps as a good organization, advice, positive and healthy habits will be decisive factors in achieving your metas.Aquí are 10 tips fit to help you reach them :


Ask for help Not only is it enough to sign up to the gym and start on your own. Tell your monitors your goals and needs and they will help you create a training plan that is right for you; training tables, cardio, group classes … sure there is an option that you feel comfortable with.


2. Patience and positive attitude :

the processes of effective change are not easy and much less short in time. It is important to have patience and determination when doing sports. Whether it is for toning, to lose weight, gain muscle or increase physical background; The body needs a period of adaptation and action in which a positive and motivated attitude will be key.

3. Constancy :

do not have to abandon or give up for long periods of time. If one day you can not go to the gym, try to make a hole the next day, or if on weekends you can not practice the training that you missed during the week, go for an hour or two.


4. Make yourself heard :

Often, perseverance is related to the support or motivation we receive from our closest circle; Looking for a training partner is a great help not to give up on the most lazy days. Another alternative is to share your story on social networks by joining a fitness community where other users with goals and objectives like yours will become a tireless support.

5. Fix your challenges :

set yourself some goals and little by little you can see how it will be easier to reach them. Once you meet them, try to set new ones so as not to lose motivation and thus:

6. Change your routine :

at least once every month try to change your training routine. The body gets used to the same exercises and over time the level of impact on it is lower, as well as the effectiveness of these.

Varying the routine is a way to keep ourselves “always active.”

7. Concentrate :

Take the training time as a moment in which to enhance your attention. Whether it’s cardio, in the classroom or in a joint class, focus on each movement to get the best results.

8. Hydration :

During exercise the body loses a lot of fluids and with dehydration the feeling of fatigue is much more intense; Drink small sips to help you recover during training and do not forget to consume at least 2 liters of water for the rest of the day.

9. Do not neglect the diet :

A balanced diet will not only make the change more noticeable, but it will make us feel better physically and emotionally.

Do not forget to replace calories after intense training and avoid sports fasting to prevent fatigue and loss of muscle mass.

10. Rest :

It is as important to have a regular physical activity as knowing how to stop.

The body needs rest periods to recover and perform more. Set days off and disconnect to recover the activity with better predisposition.

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