8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Money Before You Marry It

No matter how much you and your partner are in love, when there are economic problems, the relationship can go

8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Money Before You Marry It
8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Money Before You Marry It

Courtship can be full of fun and excess, but when the thing gets more serious, you should ask yourself if with that person you can carry out a life project in the economic aspect.

The idea is that both help each other and there is a balance so that money does not represent the center of problems and when economic crises come, they face them and overcome them to strengthen the relationship. However, there are some things that are not negotiable.

If things are getting serious and you feel it is time to take another step, ask yourself the following questions about your partner and, at the same time, about yourself.

1. Do you save?

A symptom that the person is in the search to build a solid future or that is cautious and is ready for any emergency is saving. Maybe because of an unfavorable economic situation your partner has always lived a day and has not been able to save, but very different is that you have wasted unnecessary things throughout your life and have not saved a peso.

2. Do you make a budget?

You may not have it in writing, but you should check if you know what your monthly expenses are. If you do not do this it denotes clutter and not knowing where you are standing. The worrying thing is that if this is the case in the economic field, surely that is also the case in the rest of the areas of your life.

3. Is he stingy?

They say that the one who is stingy with money is stingy with everything. It may be that you spend everything, but look at the rest and ask yourself if you really want to be with a person who is not generous of heart. And … if he’s stingy with you, what are you doing there?

4. How disciplined is it with handling debts?

If you have seen it embolized with the debt situation that can have various causes and justifications-think that living with it you will be directly affected and maybe this will cause stress and anguish to you too. They are going to have to share expenses and in theory, they are to help each other, so look for a solution that allows you to coexist with tranquility. Maybe you’re the one with the debts.

5. How much is spent on rumba?

If you think it’s important to go out and spend a good part of your salary at night outings, what you should ask yourself is how much he will tolerate that. Evaluate your priorities and the proportion of the money you think is justified for the rumba. If you are definitely not compatible with him on that subject, remember that it will be a conflict for life.

6. Do you allocate a part of your money for the support of your parents?

This is a complicated issue. We all want our partners to be good children, but for us to be the priority. Think about whether you will tolerate your parents being financially dependent on him. If your in-laws are ordered with your money, surely they will not need your partner’s, if not, look carefully where you are getting.

7. Do you have children and are you financially responsible with them?

If you do not fulfill your financial responsibilities with your children and you have to do it, think about whether you feel comfortable with that. As for the future together, think that if things do not go well, it will be your children who suffer that abandonment.

8. What is your attitude towards unemployment?

Either one can be unemployed or fall into bankruptcy regardless of the causes. That will be a hard and sacrificial test for both if they want to continue with the relationship. Evaluate what you are willing to do and tolerate.

Now, if you knew several of these things before you were married and you did not do anything about it, it is time for you to assume responsibility for the decision made and do your best for the welfare of both.

What do you think?

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