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Risks of Getting a Tattoo before Surgery – Should You Do It?

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Many people are interested in getting a tattoo before surgery, but are not sure if it is safe to do so. This article will discuss the potential risks associated with body art and medical procedures, and help you decide if getting a tattoo before surgery is right for you.

Understand All Tattooing Risks

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Before getting a tattoo before surgery, it is important to understand all of the potential risks associated with body art. Some of these risks can include things such as infections that could complicate the recovery process or even interfere with the medical procedure itself. You should also consider the fact that bleeding, bruising and other adverse side effects can occur post-tattooing and if you are about to have surgery, this could impede your ability to heal properly.

Learn About Pre-Op Surgery Care Guidance

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Before you decide to get a tattoo, it is important to talk with your healthcare provider about any potential pre-operative care advice you must follow in order to ensure the success of your medical procedure. They will be able to provide you with guidelines for avoiding infection or other related issues that may arise due to the positioning of the tattoo. Your physician can also advise you on activities you should or should not do prior to surgery, such as taking a bath or shower, and whether or not alcoholic beverages are recommended during recovery.

Discuss Options With Your Healthcare Provider

Before you make a final decision about getting a tattoo prior to surgery, it is important to discuss your options with your healthcare provider. The risks associated with any procedure or procedure-related treatments must be taken into consideration and your questions answered. Be sure to go into depth when asking questions regarding the placement of tattoos and their potential impact on surgical outcomes. Your doctor will have the best advice specific to your situation and provide individualized treatment recommendations that can keep you healthy and safe during your medical journey.

Consider Post-Op Treatment and Recovery

Risks of Getting a Tattoo before Surgery - Should You Do It?

After surgery, post-operative healing and treatment need to be taken into consideration when making your decision about getting a tattoo prior to surgery. Tattoos close to the surgical areas can interfere with some types of treatment or healing processes and increase the likelihood of complications. Your healthcare provider should provide guidance on precautionary steps such as cleaning and monitoring the area, treating any wounds from the procedure, adjusting medications, avoiding sun exposure, and staying away from activities that could put stress on the area.

Choose a Licensed, Experienced Artist

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The first and most important step in getting a tattoo before any surgery is to choose an experienced, licensed artist. Not only will they have the expertise to create a beautiful, realistic, and safe tattoo but they will also be up-to-date on all local laws and regulations pertaining to their industry. Once you find an artist you are comfortable with, be sure to ask questions about the cleanliness of their studio and practices they use while creating the tattoo. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to body art!

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