Menstruation can make you lose a lot of blood, Experts Recommend the Following Foods

Menstruation not only causes mood swings and cramps, but mainly causes blood loss. This blood loss can eventually lead to iron deficiency and other related health problems.

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Iron deficiency and anemia can have a variety of causes but blood loss during menstruation is definitely a major factor. So on days when a woman is menstruating, she should eat iron-rich foods and also make sure that she eats foods that help with absorption of iron. iron,  said Deepti Khatuja, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Fortis Memorial Research Institute as quoted from Healthshots .

In terms of menstruation, Deepti Khatuja suggests the following foods, including:

1. Jaggery

Traditional Indian sugar jaggery is a raw sugar product which is rich in iron. Iron helps red blood cells to transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body, thereby boosting immunity. 

Jaggerry also offers essential minerals and fiber that can be consumed with tea, and added to foods as a sweetener.

2. Spinach

Eating spinach will provide you with iron and vitamin C which helps absorb iron. 

Spinach can be used to make soups and savory dishes and will help improve overall health, by reducing inflammation, and boosting immunity levels.

3. Kala Chana

Kala chana can be found in most Indian kitchens and has a high iron content. This herb is also a good source of protein and can increase energy levels in menstruating women.

Experts recommend using kala chana in soups and as a dip.

In addition to consuming iron-rich foods, Khatuja also suggests eating foods that can help the body absorb iron. This is where foods rich in vitamin C are essential. 

For the record he advised not to consume coffee or tea, during menstruation. “The components of tea and coffee may not help in terms of iron absorption,” Khatuja.


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