7 Ways to Wash the Vagina Correctly and Safely According to Perdoski’s Recommendations

Maintaining the cleanliness of the vaginal vital organs is important. Quoted from the pages of the Association of Dermatologists and Sex Specialists (Perdoski), the vagina really needs to be kept clean in order to stay healthy and avoid various risks of fungal and bacterial infections.

vaginal illustration. Shutterstock
vaginal illustration. Shutterstock

Said by a member of Perdoski, dr. Hanny Nilasari, how to clean the vagina also needs to be considered. 

The variety of vaginal cleaning products that are sold freely with different contents and aromas can make people confused which one to choose.

Even so, actually the vagina can naturally clean itself. In the vagina there is good flora so that the vagina is able to take care of itself. Naturally, the vaginal pH is also balanced. 

The use of vaginal washing soap, especially one that contains perfume, has the potential to disrupt the normal flora and pH of the vagina and even trigger irritation. In addition, the vagina actually only needs a few simple maintenance.

Here’s how to clean the vagina properly and safely from Perdoski:

  1. Prepare a washcloth or soft cloth. Then dip a cloth in lukewarm water, then wipe it on the outside of the vagina, namely the labia and folds. Make sure the water is not too hot.
  2. The use of soft soap without antibacterial content with a pH that is in accordance with the pH of the vagina, namely 3.5-4.5, can be done to clean the outside of the vagina. Avoid soaps that contain perfume and alcohol.
  3. Gently clean the folds around your clitoris.
  4. Next, wash the vulva and vaginal opening. Also clean the groin area.
  5. Clean the perineal area, which is the area between the vagina and anus.
  6. Finally, clean the anus. Remember, the anal area must be cleaned last so that the remaining dirt and bacteria do not move and enter the vagina.
  7. Dry with a new clean towel.

Clean the vagina regularly every day twice, do it while bathing to make it easier. Recognize the signs when the vagina is in an unnatural condition such as continuous itching.

Check with a dermatologist and genital specialist to get the right treatment.

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