Keys to achieve good results in the gym

Tips to train smarter and more effectively
Tips to train smarter and more effectively

Sometimes we have the feeling that despite physical effort and discipline , we do not get the expected results in the gym ; However, to optimize the results, it is essential to constantly modify our physical training .

1. Heat the muscles well. Never start an exercise with your maximum weight. The first series should be light and comfortable for your muscles and joints to be prepared, as well as for you to mentally adapt to the movement. After this short period you can attack the muscle without risk of injury .

2. Change the type of grip , since the incidence on the muscle is not the same, and to work it in its entirety we must vary. It is also fundamental to change the routines. In most gyms we have plenty of devices to perform different exercises and prevent the muscle from getting used to a repeated routine.

3. Avoid lengthening the waiting times between the series too much . It is important that the muscle stays warm and at its best. You must never exceed the minute of rest between each series.

4. Watch your exercise . To get everything done correctly, it is important that we train in front of a mirror. In most gyms there are plenty of mirrors on all walls, so we must try to orient ourselves to control ourselves at all times.

5. Modify your training pace. Performing the routines more slowly will help us to endure more and work the muscles for a long period of time. The ideal is to mix slower repetitions with faster ones.

6. Remember that influencing more weak muscles is essential to strengthen them and achieve greater body balance, while eliminating our shortcomings.

7. Isolate the muscle group you are going to work to the maximum. We should not mix different types of training in the same session; there are activities that complement each other in which we will not perform as much as possible and we will not obtain the best results because we have worked in a part that did not correspond at that moment.

8. Stretch. At the end of the training routines we should always rigorously stretch the part we have worked on. This will help eliminate tensions in the muscles. Stretching is the beginning of recovery, and as such is an important part.

9. If you lift weights, use compound exercises . To gain strength and overall volume , isolation exercises are the best; these allow to use little weight and only affect to a muscle or a zone of the muscle, whereas the compounds allow to use great weights strongly affecting the interested groups and providing a stimulus of general growth to all the body.

10. Do not smoke. The snuff pollutes your body and is related to lung cancer and other heart disease. It also negatively affects appetite and destroys vitamin C, in addition to reducing respiratory capacity and lung recovery. If you want to progress muscularly, avoid tobacco .

Do not forget to combine your physical training in the gym and some outdoor activities; It is important that you get a good dose of pure oxygen every day and for that, nothing better than a short relaxed walk outdoors.

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