“It’s like snowing every day”: that’s how life with depression really feels

Its like snowing every day thats how life with depression really feels
Its like snowing every day thats how life with depression really feels

He found a “definitive solution to a temporary problem”. Thus, US actress Asia Argento has described the suicide of her partner Anthony Bourdain in a posting. The famous TV chef and travel expert took the same life as designer Kate Spade last week. Both suffered from depression, the supposedly “temporary problem” McGowan writes about.

The mental illness has again become the focus of public attention due to the two deaths. Nevertheless, many people who do not suffer from depression still know very little about living with suffering. All the more important therefore is the posting of Facebook user Charlene Nguyen, who shared the text of an anonymous author and thus landed a viral hit.

The author uses intensive words to describe life with depression and thus touches the net. Nguyen’s contribution has so far been over 4000 times and more than 7500 times shared. The text, which also refers to Anthony Bourdain at the outset, tries to make life with depression understandable from the point of view of a person affected

“It’s like snowing it every day”, it feels like, “Sometimes it’s only a few inches, it’s annoying, but you can still go to work or go to the supermarket, yes, maybe you’re skipping a friend’s gym or birthday party but then it’s still snowing, and who knows how bad it will be today? “
“As if they had been hit by the avalanche”

He did not know, as the author later said in the text, how it was with Bourdain and Spade: “It looks like they were hit by the avalanche, but it could have been a long, slow winter, maybe they did shoveled, maybe not. “

He has no message for people with depression, such as “do not stop shoveling,” according to the author. Because it is foolish. Instead, he addresses himself to everyone else: “Grab a damn shovel and help your neighbors, build a small snow plow to the car and plow your neighborhood.” Demand your city council, so to speak, to buy more scattered lanes. “

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