How to rejuvenate the face with CO2 Laser

Nowadays The Co2 Laser Is A Therapeutic Tool In Numerous Facial Rejuvenation Techniques Both Non Invasive And Minimally Invasive.

Nowadays, the CO2 Laser is a therapeutic tool in numerous facial rejuvenation techniques, both non-invasive and minimally invasive.

In this article we explain how the CO2 Laser works in facial rejuvenation.

What is the CO2 Laser?

IML fractional ultra-polished CO2 laser is an advanced laser equipment whose energy is directly absorbed by the water of skin tissues. 

This laser emits energy in the form of very thin thermal columns separated from each other and allows modifying its emission mode, according to the needs of each patient. For example:

  • Resurfacing mode. The thermal microcolumns reach the dermis, where the fibroblasts or cells responsible for generating collagen are housed. 
  • Regeneration mode of the epidermis. The energy acts at the level of the superficial layer of the skin.
  • Concentrated mode The energy is concentrated in a single column that works like a scalpel, allowing incisions with a fundamental advantage: the laser coagulates while cutting, which reduces bleeding and promotes recovery.

How to rejuvenate the face with the CO2 Laser?

Depending on the patient’s degree of aging and their individual needs, the doctor can apply the CO2 laser in the following cases:

  • Improve scars, acne marks and stretch marks

The stimulation of the fibroblasts produces a reorganization of the collagen fibers and the production of new elastic fibers, which will soften the relief and general appearance of the skin with stretch marks and scars.

  • Remove dark brown circles

The brown circles, that is to say, those that are produced by hyper pigmentation in the lower eyelid, can be treated by this type of laser.

  • Improve the texture and quality of the skin

The regeneration of the most superficial layer of the skin reduces fine wrinkles and blemishes, with an effect similar to that of the chemical peel of skin renewal.

  • Correction of the bulbous nose

The nose that presents very thickened skin, with dilated pores and redness is treated with CO2 laser in a fully ambulatory procedure of about 30 minutes.

  • Remove bags and excess skin on the eyelids

The laser cuts and coagulates at the same time, which allows Blepharoplasty to be a less invasive procedure, less traumatic, with better recovery and a totally natural result.

In our profile you can see more results of Blepharolaser, our Blepharoplasty with CO2 Laser.


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