Get a unified skin makeup effect thanks to the BB Glow

What is the BB Glow
What is the BB Glow

What is the BB Glow?

It is an advanced aesthetic treatment of facial rejuvenation and BBCREAM that provides a unified skin makeup effect.

What type of skin is indicated ?

It is indicated for all skin types, dehydrated, with irregularities, wrinkles, sagging, hyper pigmented skin, with spots, for all skin types and ages, both women and men.

What benefits are obtained with BB Glow?

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Increase collagen
  • Generates new cells
  • Increase elastin production
  • Oxygenates and moisturizes the skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Renew the fabric
  • Provides luminosity
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Decreases acne marks
  • Activates fibroblasts (cells responsible for the production of collagen and repair damaged skin)
  • Diminishes sunspots

How is the treatment done in the office?

First of all, the skin to be treated is evaluated, exfoliated, cleaned and prepared. Then, we go to the facial treatment using the appropriate serum for each person and apply using the Dermapen. Next, we applied the makeup base also according to the skin tone, leaving the face uniform with a “porcelain skin” effect and we ended up with a very nice mask and a restorative and restorative gel.

Do I have to follow any recommendation before or after treatment?

We always recommend some basic recommendations after treatment, such as: applying a sunscreen and for at least 24/48 hours, not treating your face or having steam or any facial treatment. We also recommend not to sweat excessively.

How many sessions are necessary? 

Between 3 and 5 sessions are necessary every 15 days to carry out the complete treatment.

When will the results be seen? 

The results begin to be noticed from the first days, it is not a “flash” treatment, so as the days go by, the treatment becomes established on the skin.

How long does results last?

The results are visible from the first week and once finished the treatment lasts about 3 months. We recommend a maintenance session after a couple of months have passed since the end of the last session of the complete treatment

Does BB Glow have a contraindication?

It is not recommended for skin with any “active” disease, with active acne for example, skin infections, pregnancy, lactation, open wounds, burns, herpes or epilepsy for prevention and safety.

Can it be combined with some other facial treatment?

After approximately 15 days, it can be combined, for example, with other aesthetic medicine treatments.

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