How many calories do we consume at parties and how to reduce them?

At Christmas and New Year’s Eve we can take in one day the calories of five. How to think healthier menus and lower the risk of harmful excesses.

At end-of-year parties we can consume in one day the calories that we should eat in five. If we reflect on this, it is not healthy and we can enjoy without falling into such excesses that, in addition to fattening, put our health at risk. We bring you a guide with the calories that contain the typical foods of those days to rethink the menu and include some healthier and less caloric foods.

The idea is to enjoy the holidays with our family and friends and not suffer from the menu. It is not about removing things from the menu or banning things a day of celebration, but we can lower the calories and enjoy the same

It is not good for our body to receive a shock of calories, sugars and fats that will cost a lot of work to process. Some advices.

How to reduce calories at the end of the year parties
At Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners you can consume up to 10 thousand calories in one day! It noticed the prestigious nutritionist Alberto Cormillot. If a healthy diet is around 1800 or 2000 calories a day, imagine the damage we cause to our body consuming 10 thousand in a single day.

How to fight excesses:

One way is to choose small portions of the food that we like the most in sweet and salty, and the same with drinks, so we can enjoy the delights without excess.
It’s true even if it seems incredible: these days more food is prepared than usual and many of the menus include typical winter foods because we copy the traditions of countries in Europe or the United States, which celebrate in the winter season. In addition, in 99% of the cases, the food that is prepared is followed by the next day with another dose of excess.

We make a comparison so that the figure is represented graphically: “10 thousand calories would be almost the same as eating 125 eggs or 75 croissants girls”

It is the amount of calories that we should consume for 5 days. And if this did not seem too much to you, an important fact is to know that to burn those calories we would need to walk 33 hours straight.

The calories in the end of the year menus

  • Initial chopped: Cheese, Salamín, Hams, Olives and Snacks. Approx sum: 1000 calories.
  • Russian salad (1 dessert dish): 360 cal.
  • Waldorf salad: 300 cal.
  • Pionono: 2 thick slices. 194 cal. It may vary a bit depending on its filling.
  • Stuffed tomato (1 large unit): 370 cal.
  • Language to the vinaigrette (2 slices): 240 cal.
  • Matambre (3 thin slices): 250 cal.
  • Vithel thoné (3 thick slices with sauce): 450 cal.
  • Breads (average 1 slice, 1 figazzita or 1 minion): 65 cal.
  • Grilling: Roast (1 strip, 3 bones): 620; Empty (1 thick slice): 260; Small piece of pork (1 serving): 350; a chorizo: 350; a blood sausage: 260; 3 chinchulines: 260, all sum 2,100 calories.
  • Grilled chicken: ¼ with skin: 390 cal

Alcoholic drinks
• Wine (1 cup): 120 cal.
• Cider (1 cup): 70 cal.
• Champagne (1 cup): 150 cal.
• Beer (1 can): 140 cal.
• Cleric (1 long glass): 110 cal.
• Daikiris type drinks (1 long glass): 140 cal.
• Fernet with drink Cola (1 long glass): 330 cal.
• Soft drinks (1 glass): 130 cal.

• Ice cream, one computer, three tastes: 370 cal.
• Fruit salad with sugar, one compotera: 400 cal.

Sweet table
• Sweet bread (1 slice 100gr): 320 cal.
• Peanut paste dessert (1 small serving): 125 cal.
• Peanut or almond nougat (1 medium portion): 130 cal.
• Nuts (5 butterflies): 60 cal.
• Raisins (20 units): 30 cal.
• Chocolate lentils (1 small package): 95 cal.

Tricks and tips:

As we have seen, the amount of calories consumed in a typical Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner is excessive and unnecessary. We give you some tips and tricks that you can follow. For example:


  • Do not skip any ingestion the previous days, nor the same day of the holidays, that will make you not arrive with a voracious hunger at dinner.
  • Cooking chicken without skin
  • Choose the leanest cuts of meat.
  • Choose 1 among all the achuras and eat one portion of the one you like the most.
  • Choose to be taught that includes more green vegetables and fewer potatoes and legumes.
  • Useless adherezos, mayonnaises or creams and if you are going to use them, opt for the light versions or reduce them with one-half of light spreadable cheeses.
  • Reduce the amount of oil to flavor and avoid menus that carry fried foods.
  • I also reduced the amount of salt, since added to the intake of alcoholic beverages will enhance the retention of liquids in your body.
  • Serve small portions.
  • I chose 1 of all the desserts that are offered.
  • Of the typical jams, I chose 1 or 2 that you like the most and serve them in a dish or computer, so we avoid the “dangerous snacking” because that is where we lose count of how much we ate.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages in moderation and never on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid the excess of cola drinks and artificial juices because they have a lot of sugar and preservatives.
  • Preferably opt for fruit drinks with citrus and herbs that are refreshing and accompany the meals also with plenty of water.


Enjoy music and dance. You can also resort to an enjoyable option is to resort to Karaoke, an entertaining game where both the big and the boys participate. Thus, without realizing it, we will have enjoyed a fun and enjoyable night without being burdened with excesses that we will drag on the balance with a feeling of heaviness and guilt the following days.

This does not mean suffering the holidays but giving a healthier touch to spend the pump without affecting health.


Low-calorie menus for the holidays


Cucumber, cherry tomatoes and adheres salad with yogurt (for four portions)



  • Medium cucumbers: 3
  • Cherry tomatoes: 1 cup breakfast
  • Cebollines: 4
  • Green apple: 1
  • Green leaves, lettuce, spinach, radicchio, amount to taste
  • Natural yogurt: 1
  • Mint leaves: 8
  • Salt and pepper: sufficient amount

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