How invisible wounds affect your mental health

There are some emotional wounds that are invisible to others but inside you can tear you apart.

How invisible wounds affect your mental health
How invisible wounds affect your mental health

There are people who, due to life circumstances, may feel hurt and insulted with the relationship they have with other people. An emotionally abusive relationship can generate invisible wounds that affect your mental health. Harassing behaviors erode a person’s self-esteem and undermine your mental health. In addition, mental or emotional abuse can occur in any type of relationship between people.

Emotional abuse is a difficult way to recognize … it is necessary to do so to avoid emotional wounds that affect too much the mental health of a person. On many occasions when the victim does not realize that he is being emotionally abused, they will feel trapped and constantly afraid .

Impact of emotional abuse
When the emotional abuse is severe and continuous, the victim can lose the sense of self and no blow is needed. Injuries that are invisible to others will make the victim feel that if he speaks others do not believe him or even think they are lying or exaggerating things, something that will make them think they are wrong.


Emotional abuse is a difficult way to recognize
Emotional abuse is a difficult way to recognize

In reality no one has to endure verbal abuse of any kind … for this reason it is crucial that the victim is realistic with what is happening to her and that she knows she is being emotionally abused. It is very important to recognize it in order to take the first step and in this way, stop the situation before it gets worse over time.

If you think that you are being emotionally abused by anyone in your environment but you do not know if “it is for so much”, do not hesitate to speak with a doctor or a health professional. It will be he who can tell you if you are really living a situation of abuse and give you the necessary guidelines so that you can act in that situation in which you feel absolute helplessness. It is necessary that you recognize it to realize that you are not guilty of anything and that you do not deserve to live in such a situation.

If you notice that your friendships are no longer what they were, that you do not want to see anyone or the perception towards your person begins to change, they are warning you to take into account. No need bumps and bruises to have emotional wounds that are really harmful to your mental health. Ignoring emotional wounds can cause you to become severely depressed over time. You can even have ulcers, sleep disorders, heart problems and other diseases, because physical health is closely linked with emotional health.

 An emotionally abusive relationship can generate invisible wounds that affect your mental health
An emotionally abusive relationship can generate invisible wounds that affect your mental health

Is it really happening to you?
It is important to detect a situation of emotional abuse to protect your physical and mental health … remember that this type of abuse can be really subtle and difficult to dictate so if you have doubts or can not distinguish if your relationship with that person is abusive but there is something that makes you feel bad, then you will have to think about how you really feel with that person.

If you feel frustrated, hurt, confused on many occasions, you feel that you do not respect yourself, that you do not respect your personal limits, you feel depressed or you feel anxious every time you have that person nearby, then it is very likely that this relationship is causing emotional wounds that if you do not remedy could seriously affect your mental health.

Any situation in which you can not be yourself, in which you are required to do things that you really do not want to do or say, that you feel that others manipulate you and do not allow you to act freely … may be an abusive relationship that You must brake as soon as possible. You are not alone, go to your doctor or a therapist to show you how to proceed, or if you want, first talk to a friend or close family member so you know what is happening to you. Silence will never be a good choice.

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