Do you suffer from Sexsomnia? Learn more about the terrifying disorder

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It is a specific form of sleepwalking and “is characterized by the desire to have sex and to masturbate during sleep,” explains psychologist.

It is estimated that about 7% of the world population suffers from the disorder, according to psychologist and sexual educator Breno Rosostolato, in statements to the publication Dicas de Mulher.

SexSomnia will have been recognized as a disease for the first time in 2014. And, by 2018, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASMNET) has included the pathology in its catalog.

According to Rosostolato the disorder is more prevalent in men (86%) than women. “It’s important to note that these people keep the same sexual pattern while they sleep, as if they were awake and tend not to remember what happened the next day,” he says.

Sexsomnia is controversial, Rosostolato explains, since there have already been huge numbers of men who have had sexual relations with others, without their consent – claiming later that they did not remember it. And hence the need to establish a legal framework for the disturbance.

Do you suffer from Sexsomnia? Learn more about the terrifying disorder

Sexual behaviors associated with Sexsomnia include:

– Masturbation;

– Caresses;

– Oral sex;

– Sexual intercourse that can reach climax or orgasm;

– Sexual assault or rape.

An online survey conducted by the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada found that about two-thirds of the reported cases occurred with men.

“Causes include: alcohol consumption, drug use, fatigue and stress, in addition to sleep disorders such as obstructive apnea. Another cause of sexsomnia is sleep-related epilepsy, which can result in sexual arousal, pelvic impulse and orgasms, “explains the sex therapist.

The disorder still has no cure, but Rosostolato stresses: “It is very common for those suffering from the condition to seek treatment and medical and psycho therapeutic help. Knowing more about this is necessary to know how to deal with this disorder, as well as existing methods and procedures to mitigate the aggravating and difficulties. ”

Speaking to the same publication, therapist Leila Cristina warned: “Alcohol, anxiety and stress should be avoided because they can be sexual triggers of sleep. Doctors usually prescribe antidepressants or sedatives, attenuating or ending symptoms between one and three months. It is also possible to take certain precautions, such as sleeping in a separate room with the door locked until these symptoms are already controlled. “

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