6 of the Best Activities to Do on Active Recovery Days

When you notice that you lack energy and find it difficult to continue with your tasks, it is time for a restful pause. These exercises that harmonize body and breathing will help you overcome the downturn.

6 exercises to recover strength and lift your spirits
6 exercises to recover strength and lift your spirits

Any sound can change the mood , but the most important is the one made with one’s own body.

Clapping around the body mobilizes the energy of the organism , transforms it and allows to recover the lost humor . With the applause, the tissues vibrate and activate mental stimuli.

For this you must follow the following instructions:

Stand up or sit down .
Upward travel. He begins to applaud from the pelvis, performing with his hands and arms a circle that goes up the left side of the body to reach the head. On this tour he applauds seven times.
Downward travel. Continue to applaud other times descending down the right side of the body to the pelvis.
Do it three times in each direction and then watch what happened.


Listen to your breath and feel where in the trunk it expands as it breathes.
Place your right hand on that point and perform five breaths. Feel how the air moves the hand up and down.
Put your left hand where you have not felt the expansion of the trunk and observe for five breaths if there really is or there is no expansion.
Imagine that the air you breathe goes to the palms of your hands from the lungs and that from the palms of your hands you expire through the lungs through the nose.
In the end, leave your hands at the sides of the body, listen carefully to the breath for 10 breaths and observe how it has changed.

Put your palms facing each other and rub them in circles.
With the wrists relaxed, vigorously palmate with the tips of the fingers the area of ​​the lung, under the armpits and the upper part of the back, as far as you go.
Rub the palms of the neck, from the top of the chest to the nape of the neck and under the jaw.
With the tips of the fingers over the head , it pats very lightly from the forehead to the nape of the neck
Stroke the face 3 times with the palms to the tips of the ears. Go increasing the pressure.
Wash dry with your palms from the forehead to the nape of the neck and from the neck forward with your arms relaxed.
Listen to your body three breaths.


Standing or sitting, with legs bent , press lightly with the toes of the left foot against the floor and let go.
Repeat five times and observe the differences with the other foot.
Press with the instep and release , with the heel and release. Listen and compare the feet.
Lift the leg 1 cm and then drop it to plumb.
Repeat the exercise with the other foot

When you raise the shoulder blades, the breathing opens and you relax the cervicals.

Standing, let the head fall forward , continue to drop the torso with arms and hands, the lower back and the whole trunk.
With the trunk forward make a circle with the shoulder blades directing the shoulders in the direction of the ears, the ceiling and back towards the buttocks.
Hold this position for five seconds and then drop shoulders, shoulder blades and arms.
Rest two breaths and repeat three times.
When finished, collect the trunk upwards as if you were pulled from the coccyx back to the ground. Finally, place your head on the trunk and feel how space has changed in the chest area and your mood.

With the feet separated , center the weight between the legs.
Take the weight to the toes , return to the center of the foot and repeat separating the heels slightly from the ground.
As you breathe in, stand on tiptoe , place your palms parallel to the floor and stretch your shoulders and hands to the floor, as if you were pressing down.
Hold your breath and count to four.
Release the strength of the arms and vibrate a little from the heel, up and down slightly without touching the ground and bring the vibration to the whole body. When you reach the ground it continues to vibrate the knees to transmit the vibration to the hip, trunk, head and arms.
Rest , listen for five breaths and repeat three times.

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