Dragon Ball Super: Goku releases a new phase combining its transformations

A new power? Discover the appearance of the ultimate Saiyan after merging all their transformations. Apparently Goku could achieve such a feat, which was shown in a powerful image.

Dragon Ball Super Goku releases a new phase combining its transformations
Dragon Ball Super Goku releases a new phase combining its transformations

Gokú with full power! Dragon Ball Super is one of the most recognized animes worldwide and Goku , its protagonist, the most powerful character and loved by the public.

It is just Kakarrot , who was the first warrior of his race to reach the level of super saiyan , who discovered new levels that gave him more power.

If in Dragon Ball Z we could see a wrestler with golden hair, Dragon Ball Super saw a warrior with red, blue and white hair respectively.

But what would happen if Goku made all his transformations at the same time? A fan gives us the answer with a magnificent illustration that he posted on his Twitter account .

For many fans of anime and manga, the new transformation reminds them of what was seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly In the publication you can see Kakaroto with multicolored hair, which for many is ridiculous, but others believe that the power that the warrior has surpasses even the Ultra Instinct level.

Dragon Ball Super: Who is Range Sutsu, the villain who defeated Goku Ultra Instinct?
A couple of weeks ago we told you that the first image of Lagss , a member of Dragon Ball Heroes that could even face the ‘ Ultra Instinct ‘, had been published in Japan. ‘, .

While Dragon Ball Heroes is part of a promotional series developed by Toei Animation and Bandai Namco, its story has caught fans.

According to the first information, Lagss is a warrior with an appearance very similar to that of the warrior Tsufuru who is fighting with Hearts and Zamas, Kamin.

Dragon Ball Super: Goku Ultra Instinct Omen appears! Filtering new transformation
Dragon Ball Super has been characterized by presenting new characters and completely unexpected transformations. If the fans thought they had seen everything with the Ssj God and Ssj Blue, the Ultra Instinct Omen will end up surprising them.

When the new saga of the work of Akira Toriyama was announced, Dragon Ball Super , , the fans witnessed a new universe where gods, angels and different worlds with different warriors appeared, some stronger than others.

In the first episodes of Dragon Ball Super we saw Goku and Vegeta reach the Ssj God and Ssj Blue, showing unparalleled powers. However, that was not all, because we also saw them reach the Ultra Instinct and the Full Power respectively during the ‘Torneo de la Fuerza’.

Dragon Ball Super: they publish first images with the appearance of Goku as God of Destruction and Vegeta, his angel We could already see during the last season of Dragon Ball Super , in the ‘ Power Tournament ‘ as Toppo , a character from another universe, managed to ascend to god of destruction, then could it be possible that we see Goku or Vegeta reach This level of power and divinity?

Before so much intrigue, an artist on the Internet ( KSK ), was ahead of the original author of the manga and decided to portray how they would look Goku and Vegeta if both became god of destruction and angel, respectively. The result has left amazed thousands of fans.

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