5 reasons to eat pasta without guilt!

There are great myths about pasta that make you eliminate it from your diet; however, there are healthy reasons not to stop eating it. Know them!

There Are Great Myths About Pasta That Make You Eliminate It From Your Diet However There Are Healthy Reasons Not To Stop Eating It. Know Them

Sure you are preparing to enjoy summer in a bikini worthy of catwalk and among your goals is to lose a few extra pounds, but to achieve this you have to forget one of the foods that seems to be our worst enemy when it comes to getting fit: the pasta. This is true?

While there are many myths about pasta (especially false), you should know that it is a great source of energy and one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest and most balanced in the world … More reasons to eat pasta? Keep reading!

The pasta does not make you fat!

1. It has no fat and is rich in fiber. Especially the whole pasta. A serving of pasta (85 gr.) Is low in fat, cholesterol and salt. Include a portion in your daily diet!

2. If you are on a diet you can combine it with vegetables and proteins such as chicken or fish, in this way you will get a super-full and nutritious dish. Here we leave you some recipes that are very easy to make.

3. Improve your performance during physical activity. The body uses carbohydrates to obtain glucose, essential for the body to function properly and have the energy to burn calories. It makes all the sense, right?

4. The recommended fiber intake is 25 to 38 grams per day. Those who eat pasta at least once a week are fulfilling this requirement.

5. Eat pasta often helps prevent cardiovascular disease, because thanks to its properties improves the state of health in general, reduces cholesterol and prevents diabetes.


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