5 basic rules to have a healthy relationship

Having a healthy relationship is easier than you think, it’s just a matter of putting the following rules into practice. Take note!

Having A Healthy Relationship Is Easier Than You Think Its Just A Matter Of Putting The Following Rules Into Practice. Take Note

To have a healthy relationship you need a great work together, because although love is the basis of everything, there are also some things that must be respected, negotiated and / or change each one so that things work and, together, they reach a state of fulfillment. Therefore, here we leave the 5 basic rules of a healthy relationship (sure there is more, but following these, they will start with the right foot):

1. Honesty: is the pillar of a healthy relationship, why lie? No matter what it is, the best is always to tell the truth, perhaps your partner is upset or there is some friction at that time, but it is better that something is hidden and eventually becomes a big problem. Remember that the truth always comes to light!

2. Independence: even if they are together, both must have their own spaces to do their favorite things individually, be with other people and do different activities to those they perform as a couple; In this way, each one will have something new to contribute to the relationship.

3. Initiative: do not wait until your partner is the one who proposes all the plans or activities they will do, also have initiative to do new things that nurture their relationship. With this we also refer to messages, calls, details, etc., if he / she does not do it, start with you.


4. Respect: if this is lost, it is most likely that your relationship will break, because it is the basis of a healthy coexistence. If something does not seem or bother you, say it, but always in the best way, without profanity and insults that can open wounds that may never heal.


5. Communication: although it is the most trite point, it is a fact that having a good communication with your partner will make your relationship work wonderfully, since from it, they can make agreements, establish rules, etc., which will make them Be clear about what each of the relationship expects.

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