Today, goodbye, the hosts of Venga la Alegra say as they increase the temperature

Venga la Alegria
Venga la Alegria

Venga la Alegra, the direct competitor of the Today Show, heightened the temperature of the small screen with forceful movements that generated a sensation.

Venga la Alegra’s hosts did it! Many people changed the station and forgot about the competition, Televisa’s morning star, Hoy, to watch them for a few moments.

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Then it was the lovely Kristal Silva, Tábata Jalil, and Anette Cuburu who shook up the screen with forceful provocative steps meant to increase the “connection” with the pair, and the consequence was that there was a connection, but with too many people.

The hosts of Venga la Alegra did the “warm” dance in question during the section “Without fear of invading your private,” when the expert Erandi Montes explained the special dance so that couples might have more enjoyable moments.

Ingrid Coronado vuelve a Venga la Alegría? Anuncian el regreso de un  integrante

The Hoy Program‘s hosts were quickly forgotten as spectators appreciated the steps of Anette Cuburu, Tábata Jalil, and Kristal Silva from the ground, who were meticulous in performing each of the steps correctly.

While many people applauded what happened without criticism, others told Anette that she was “extra” and that the beauty and movements of the other two VLA conductors were sufficient.

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