Come on, La Alegra, is she also a separated host?

Kristal Silva
Kristal Silva

Following the scandalous separations of the Hoy program‘s hosts, all eyes are now on one of its VLA rivals, as another separation is announced.

While the Hoy program’s three driving stars have announced that they are in the process of separating from their individual ex-partners, it is now believed that one of Venga La Alegra’s drivers is also about to split.

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She is Kristal Silva, who has been earning her spot on television screens for several years, becoming one of the new faces of TV Azteca, in addition to being a lady with a powerful physique.

The influencer  has been married to Luis ngel Garza for a brief period, as is well known. It generated a stir at the time because Kristal Silva decided to quit the reality show “Survivor” in order to conduct her wedding, which had been postponed due to the pandemic, but now it appears that her relationship is failing.

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Kristal Silva had been this man’s girlfriend for ten years, and many assumed she had quit the show to race to the altar. But, in recent weeks, there has been conjecture about an apparent problem in the former beauty queen’s marriage with her 29-year-old husband.

With the scandal surrounding the separations of the Hoy program’s conductors, Galilea Montijo, Tania Rincón, and Andrea Legarreta, there has been no shortage of those who believe it may also happen with the presenters of “Venga La Alegra,” which is why Kristal Silva is now the subject of conjecture.

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And it is that some people have affirmed that everything that happened with the hosts of the Hoy program was something orchestrated to achieve a higher rating, to attract more audience, for which they also think that TV Azteca would seek to follow the formula and it would be the marriage of Kristal Silva the one who would be “sacrificed”.

The host of Venga La Alegria revealed the greatest moments of an event she went with friends and her husband on Saturday, March 11, including their “battle” with a replica of “I am Betty, the ugly one” and the caresses with Luis Angel Garza.

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Kristal and her spouse have been in a relationship for over 13 years, and in 2021 they married in a lavish wedding in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Although he did not explicitly answer, the couple’s amorous attitude, which includes him using the shot to give her a sweet kiss on the head, was enough to put the divorce rumors to bed.

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