Aleida Nez decorated Celia Lora’s beauty with very little colour

Aleida Nunez 3
Aleida Nunez 3

From France, the lovely Mexican actress Aleida Nez left her fans breathless by “painting” her being to Celia Lora.

Totally uninhibited! This is how the stunning Mexican actress and singer Aleida Nez was photographed in a pair of photos that went viral on social media since it appears that the famous only “decorated” her remarkable anatomy.

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Aleida Nez, who is more than lovely, posted the photos on her official Instagram account, where she can be seen wearing a more than little and low-cut bodysuit with deep transparencies and black areas that barely covered the most unique parts of her anatomy.

Aleida Nunez 1 e1643367578248

The star of La Casa de los Famosos posed in front of and with her back to the camera wearing a revealing dress in which she showed off curves and huge charms, proving that she is a more than gorgeous woman in the style of Celia Lora.

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Aleida Nez completed her look with extremely natural makeup and her loose and straight hair; she posed like a true professional on the edge of the blue lake with a truly magnificent natural background.

Remember that Nez is one of the most well-known faces on the small screen and on social media, having spent years building her career on television and becoming one of the social media darlings.

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