Livia Brito allows herself to be photographed in profile with a flatter stomach

Livia Brito
Livia Brito

The stunning lead in “La Piloto” and other productions revealed her scarred abdomen and had a crush on Livia Brito’s fans.

The Cuban actress was seen by her fans in a two-piece black outfit, and they did not overlook Livia Brito’s marked figure, which shows off her flatter abdomen in a two-piece black outfit.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

In a total black sports look, the protagonist of novels such as “La Piloto,” “Italian girl comes to marry,” and “Abismo de pas1ón,” among many other productions, captured several hearts in a selfie she shared with her 7.6 million Instagram followers.

Livia Britos state of health worries after being hospitalized Instagram

Livia Brito has gone from being the famous face of soap operas such as “Triunfo del amor” in 2010 and more recently “La Desalmada”, ” Mujer de nadie “, the latter two being among the most recent, to becoming an Instagram celebrity.

Livia Brito 7

Livia Brito Pestana has shown her love for sports outfits as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle through her frequent content. The 36-year-old Havana native has captivated her followers with her beauty and statuesque figure, which she sculpts with intense workouts and a fitness lifestyle, as shown by Livia Brito Pestana herself.

Livia Brito

As in many of her postcards, the theatre and film actress wears glasses in the company of one of her pets, which she sticks to her face while her figure garners a slew of praise and 1,538 likes.

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