This was one of Livia Brito’s best kisses in a soap drama

Livia Brito 1
Livia Brito 1

In the midst of heated situations in which Livia Brito received the “best kisses” on the screen, the protagonist of “La Desalmada” and other films has vibrated.

Livia Brito has made viewers vibrate in many of the situations she has portrayed on the small screen when she has exchanged the “greatest kisses” and now we will tell you what they have been?


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Since her debut in “Triunfo del amor” in 2010, she established herself as one of the most remarkable soap operas, followed by other popular productions such as “La Piloto”, “Italian girl comes to marry”, “Abismo de pas1ón”, and many more that have been highly recognized in various countries.

Her most recent appearances were in “La Desalmada ” and “Mujer de nadie,” where Livia Brito once again displayed her professionalism and once again conquered a large crowd who liked the Instagram celebrity’s performances, alongside personalities such as Jose Ron and Marcus Ornellas.


Livia Brito 6


To name a few of the actors with whom the model has collaborated, but who has kissed Brito Pestana the most? Here is what we have to say:

The first would be José Ron, with whom he exchanged moments in 2014’s “Italian girl comes to marry,” and later in “La Desalmada,” it would be Livia Brito herself, who would recognize how beautifully the Guadalajara native had kissed her.


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“Look, for real, I mean (José) Ron kisses extremely well, he knows how to kiss very well,” he told Univisión.

The attraction between the two was obvious, thus rumors of an alleged relationship beyond the tiny screen spread quickly, however subsequently, the theater actress in “El Cartero” revealed that even if something happened off camera, it did not mean they became a couple, he confessed to Faisy.


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Eduardo Santamarina, with whom she also worked in the 2021 melodrama by playing “Yolanda Linares,” and who underlined the good kisses that he offered him, was another of the players who would certainly leave a mark on the also cinema actress and presenter’s mind and lips:

I have very few kisses, but Lalo Santamarina kisses exceptionally well. I had to kiss him, and I said, oh sir, he kisses very well, and I like that, and I recommend it, those kisses, revealed the 36-year-old actress today.

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