Queen of leggings, Livia Brito models three and they are ideal

Livia Brito
Livia Brito

With three models of this lycra garment, the actress of “La Piloto” is crowned as the “queen of leggings”, Livia Brito shows why they are ideal for the gym 

The popular actress in productions such as ” La Piloto “, where she played “Yolanda Cadena”, has become one of the most prominent, especially when it comes to modeling sports outfits and particularly lycra garments and three of them in particular with the ones that Livia Brito is crowned as ” queen of leggings “.

Livia Britoo


Through this short list we show you three models of leggings with which the 36-year-old ” Cuban ” has snatched several looks and more than a few sighs on the platform where the Havana-born woman has placed herself among the favorites with 7, 6 millions of followers.

The faithful are relieved as Livia Brito calls her followers, whom she enjoys sharing part of her life, especially with regard to her facet with the exercise which she has shown is part of her training routines.


Livia Brito


For this reason, the Instagram celebrity has also ventured into advertising campaigns for physical well-being products that range from food supplements, girdles, and some brands of clothing for training, of which we show you three garments that are ideal for the gym.


Instagram will load in the frontend. profile in purple

Livia Brito Pestana allowed herself to be captured in a set of top and leggings, both in purple, ideal for going to the gym and which gives full freedom to carry out any routine, which is why it has become one of her favorites and Livia Brito Pestana has shown it in different colors.

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2.all in blue

As she has shown in her various sessions, the famous protagonist of “Nobody’s Woman” reappears in a blue set of top and leggings with which she appears standing in a snapshot in the middle of a trip to the beach while trying to inspire her fans to follow a healthy lifestyle.


3.Vibrant in red and black

A more than perfect combination to not go unnoticed are those worn by the film actress in vibrant tones which she also combined with a very padded jacket so the cold will definitely not be a problem.

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