The images of an unrecognizable Kim Kardashian who became viral

Kim Kardashian 2
Kim Kardashian 2

Through social networks, the media published two images of when she was a teenager and left her millions of fans stunned

American businesswoman Kim Kardashian, 37, surprised her 118 million followers of her Instagram account by sharing several images of her youth.

In the photographs, the successful star of television sports an aspect that has nothing to do with the current one, the result of his multiple surgery operations.

In one of the photos he shared, the wife of rapper Keny West said that as a teenager, at age 14, was very similar to the actress Drew Barrymore. Next to the snapshot he wrote: “Eighth grade, Drew Barrymore was my everything.”

The publication has more than two million likes and thousands of messages.


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7th grade. This was my go to lipstick. It’s gotta make a comeback

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Brown hair, thin lips, natural makeup and youthful appearance. That’s how Kim was when she was 15 years old. She herself showed her past look to her fans of the social network under a few words: “Seventh grade, this is the lipstick I always wear.


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It is a photograph, with which he has already achieved more than 2.4 million likes, from his student days, which has also surprised by his demure style and away from the looks to which he is accustomed, in which he does not usually leave nothing to the imagination.

The truth is that comparing it with recent photographs, it does not seem the same. The retro material has shown the aesthetic touches and changes that have been made in the face.

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