Britney Spears agreed to increase the pension to her ex-husband for the maintenance of their children

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Britney Spears Agreed To Increase The Pension To Her Ex Husband For The Maintenance Of Their Children
Britney Spears agreed to increase the pension to her ex husband for the maintenance of their children

The singer will allocate more money to Kevin Federline, the father of his two children, who had complained about the monthly payment he received

The dancer Kevin Federline, who was married to Britney Spears between 2004 and 2007, asked the singer to increase the pension she currently pays to support her two children: Sean Preston (13) and Jayden (12), those that he has joint custody. After several months of negotiation, she agreed to pay more.

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Since they divorced, the artist paid USD 20,000 in pension – she also gave USD 1.3 million. But this year, after a great professional moment of the singer, he requested more money.

The ex-husband of the “Princess of Pop” argued that the figure was not enough for their children to have the same “style and standard of living” they enjoy with their famous mother.
Spears and Federline had 2 children

The agreed figure, however, has not been disclosed. One source, however, assured that the increase would be several thousand dollars.

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