The Chimoltrufia? Maribel Guardia dazzles with a dramatic transformation

Maribel Guardia
Maribel Guardia

She stunned everyone when she transformed into ‘Doa Lancha’ in the play ‘Lagunilla mi barrio,’ getting both praise and criticism for her new image.

Maribel Guardia, a well-known Costa Rican artist, stunned her fans with a dramatic transformation in her portrayal of the role “Doa Lancha” in the play “Lagunilla my barrio.”


Maribel Guardia surprised her fans by appearing completely bald on social  media - Infobae


The famous actress emerged on stage wearing an apron and dressed in a completely different style than we are accustomed to seeing from her. Although some netizens are not convinced by this transformation, her followers have rallied to her defence and pledged their unwavering support.

Maribel’s performance in the play “Lagunilla my barrio” was a triumph, showcasing her talent as an actor and singer on stage. In addition to her flawless performance, the musician has garnered attention for her radical change in appearance, which has elicited mixed reactions on social media.


Maribel Guardia impacta con radical cambio de look - Mira como luce -


While some are sceptical of her apron and “Doa Lancha” appearance, others have applauded her boldness and dedication to her role.

Maribel Guardia is known for her elegance and good sense in personal style, so it’s understandable that some people are surprised to find her wearing an apron and appearing more humble.


Maribel Guardia comparte radical cambio de look y asusta a sus fanáticos:  "te veías hermosa con tu pelo largo"


Her commitment to the character of “Doa Lancha,” on the other hand, illustrates her versatility as an actress and her passion to her craft. Furthermore, the artist has stated that she is willing to step outside of her comfort zone in order to take on new challenges.

Despite the criticism, Maribel Guardia has received a lot of love from her social media followers. The artist has millions of followers on her social media platforms who have always shown her dedication and unconditional love.


Maribel Guardia comparte radical cambio de look y asusta a sus fanáticos -  Propuesta Digital


Although some netizens believe that her new look does not suit her, this has not diminished her admiration for her. She will continue to astound her audience with her incredible flair and talent in all of her future endeavours in show business.

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