Top 5 of the best micro bikinis by Maribel Guardia for people over 40

Maribel Guardia
Maribel Guardia

The beauty of Maribel Guardia does not stop delighting the pupil and here are the top 5 of the best micro bikinis for women over 40 years of age 

The gorgeous Maribel Guardia seems to have made some kind of pact or found the secret of eternal youth, since at more than six decades old she looks like a twenty-something to the envy of many actresses in the middle of the show.


Maribel Guardia


The leading actress of the successful Televisa melodrama ‘ Tú y yo ‘ next to the singer Joan Sebastian left everyone drooling because she has an impact figure where, like good wines, she boasts everything here the top 5 of the best micro bikinis of the famous .

Her charming face, her talent and, above all, her figure, her mermaid curves, have opened up many opportunities for her and, furthermore, she has remained in the public’s taste because she has a figure of a Goddess and to show the perfect measurements, a reference for people over 40 .


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The one that is beautiful, is beautiful

Well, from the beach, like a little mermaid in the middle of the sea, she wears a white micro bikini that she complemented with a little hat, as well as a bathing suit that looked incredible, in addition, she also boasts a blue micro bikini with small stars and the heart where it should be .


The famous is classified as one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry and boasts bikinis that are for people over 40 where, with the right decisions about colors and styles, she shows off an impressive body that never ceases to surprise locals and strangers. .


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With a heart attack figure, a completely flat stomach, long and shapely legs as well as a mini wasp waist where she shows off everything she has, she also happily dances in micro bikinis made of velvet where she shows off her entire figure.


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The statuesque celebrity is one of the most followed on social networks because on Instagram she has nothing more but nothing less than almost eight million followers who are aware of all her publications because from the platform she boasts everything.


Maribel Guardia 2


Finally, a heart-stopping black from the beach where some small band-aids give it a flirtatious style as well as a passion red where it seems to be a delicate little monkey that tastes great and highlighted all of her Goddess silhouette that will make fans sweat.

The actress has participated in soap operas such as “Corona de lágrimas” with Victoria Ruffo and the televisa melodrama “Italian girl comes to marry” playing the role of Juliet, among other notable appearances.

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