Selena Gomez looks stunning in spring cosmetics

Selena Gomez 7
Selena Gomez 7

Selena Gomez, the acclaimed singer and actress, is leading the soft pinch makeup trend for spring.

Selena Gomez, the popular singer and actress, has recently pushed the soft cosmetics trend, which is undoubtedly more than suitable for spring and you will want to wear it as well.

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The reality is that when spring approaches, we want to deepen our makeup, and Selena Gomez has revealed a new style of delicate tweezers that leans towards the lovely spring aesthetic.

It’s worth noting that when the singer debuted her modest blush, she stated unequivocally that there is no such thing as a hint of delicate blush to add dimension and colour to your look.


“I’m so glad we now have a lip oil. It’s our new Soft Pinch color lip oil. It’s definitely not like traditional lip oil,’ Selena explained while presenting her latest release on her social channels.”

In a YouTube video demonstrating how she applies it, Selena admits that she prefers something lighter, dabbing the cream on her cheeks before blending it out, then building it up if needed, to produce a delicate blush effect on her cheeks. She’s keeping the same lip appearance with her new Gentle Pinch Tinted Lip Oil.




Semi-sheer jelly oil provides a dash of colour to the lips, giving them the appearance of having been bitten or pinched to bring life to the surface before being bathed in shimmering oil.


“I love how easy it is to build color without making it sticky.”


Furthermore, in the press release, he emphasises how big and soft the lips seem with only one swipe, adding: Lip oils in general are popular on TikTok, with Dior lip oil leading the way and some of our favourite brands like NYX joining the debate.

Yet, as you can see, Selena Gomez has created her own version of this trend.

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