Irina Baeva is in love with cut-out jeans that are perfect for the season

Irina Baeva
Irina Baeva

The famous Russian actress captured many hearts when she wore the season’s hottest cut-out pants. In the midst of the scandals and controversies surrounding the actress’s sentimental life, supporters of Irina Baeva did not miss one of the outfits in which the famous 30-year-old featured in one of her publications by following the trend of cut-out jeans.


Irina Baeva tiene los jeans cut out más frescos de la temporada


The Russian artist working in Mexico permitted herself to be photographed wearing a pair of cut-out style jeans that are one of the season’s most fashionable. With hip openings and chains adorning said area, Irina Baeva joined one of the clothes that made her famous, and which other celebrities such as Galilea Montijo, among other fashion-savvy artists, also modeled in one of her publications.


Irina Baeva delivers her wedding invitation to the 'Despierta América' hosts


The protagonist of novels such as “Vino el amor,” “I plead guilty,” and “Pas1ón y poder,” among many others, has been placed in the public taste of the camera platform where Irina Vitalievna Baeva gathers 3 8 million followers, who did not miss the opportunity to praise ” Gabriel Soto’s fiancée.”


Irina Baeva en Instagram: entre una foto en bikini y una muestra de amor a  Gabriel Soto - Infobae


How a genuine representative of “street style,” the 2016 nominee for “Best Female Revelation,” models a short white top that also displays her steel abdomen, demonstrating his rigorous lifestyle and the attention he devotes to his figure.

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