For the first time, Gerard Piqué expresses his thoughts on Shakira’s session #53

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

Gerard Piqué expresses his thoughts on the collaboration between Shakira and Bizarrap for the first time, a few months after its debut.

The song by Shakira and the Argentine Bizarrap has generated a sensation on social media, as the Colombian totally revealed her sentiments and exposed her ex-partner Gerard Piqué, accusing him of being a “newbie” by betraying her in such a way.



The extremely direct suggestions, however, were not just for the Spaniard, but also for his new girlfriend Clara Cha Mart, making an iconic play on words about it, the ex-soccer player’s comments section did not stop filling up with phrases from the musical theme.

For nearly a year, Gerard Piqué has been suffering hate on social media without even responding publicly. However, at a recent King’s League event, the Spanish finally chose to break the quiet, causing his words to trend.


Shakira in shock over Session 53 success


First, the 36-year-old businessman discussed his divorce from Shakira, describing it as “very difficult,” not so much the procedure as all public opinion when he was unfaithful to the Colombian, and all the comments he has gotten as “quite problematic.”

Afterwards, Gerard Piqué voiced his viewpoint on the “beefs,” which the interpreter of “Que me quedes t” did, exposing him in this way, like his new companion, unleashing an endless stream of negative evaluations, remarks, and phrases, and being socially singled out for what happened between them.


Shakira says she's come out 'stronger' from her split with Gerard Piqué -  Good Morning America


Piqué appeared to be distressed by all of this, as evidenced by the look on his face; nevertheless, expressing himself and expressing his sentiments was not very beneficial to him, as netizens accused him of simply playing the victim in the scenario, claiming that everything began because of him.


“We are going to criticize this beef, then the other one, well, I don’t want to go into it but it is a personal issue, that is, throwing away beef, which is very good because it is fashionable and everything is fine and then we do not think about the consequences that It can end up having a sentimental level to the person you throw the beef at. It remains a very personal, digital level…” “And then we don’t think about the other person, what has to happen…” “People , really… well I, I am very disappointed with what society is.”

They all declare themselves to be Team Shakira and support her in her separation process, where she has sought refuge in music after a 12-year relationship with two children.

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