Sadie Sink has gone from star of Annie to star of Stranger Things

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Sadie Sink
Sadie Sink

The singer owes this entirely to the Netflix program ‘Stranger Things‘, in which a young Sadie Sink runs through a terrifying another dimension of her life. Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ came out in the 80s, but today she is suddenly at the top of the charts again. Not only Kate Bush but also Sadie herself is reaping the benefits of the already iconic scene, which is making the rounds on the internet.

‘Stranger Things’ fans are already introduced in 2014 to a 14-year-old Sadie Sink as Maxine ‘Max’ Mayfield. Her character makes her appearance in the second season. The series is already very popular, and Sadie is the timid newcomer. But today, six years later, she is one of the most promising young actresses in Hollywood.

It’s not a trait that comes from heredity

Sadie Sink does not get the acting jitters, as often happens with other stars, from her parents. Her father coaches the local rugby team, her mother is a math teacher. Sadie grows up with three older brothers and one younger sister. As a child, her favorite activity is already a harbinger of the future. She likes to watch TV. For example, a young Sadie Sink falls under the spell of Disney’s ‘High School Musical’. The films inspire her and spark an acting dream. She pursues that dream at a young age when she joins a local theater group. She has the greatest fun with her brother and regularly appears on the shelves next to him.

Sadie Sink Actor on Broadway

In 2012, the ball started rolling for Sink. After a successful audition for the Broadway musical ‘Annie’, she lands the role of the main character. She is then barely 10 years old but completely captivates the audience. Sadie’s success moves the entire family to New York to take her skills to the next level. As a teenager, Sink focuses on dancing, singing, and acting. She hopes to perform even better in new productions. And it pays off, at one point Sadie is playing eight shows a week. The actress looks back on that in 2022 with a nostalgic feeling. “The idea of ​​being on stage and performing live in front of so many people is very scary to me. But one day I would like to return,” she says.


Making a run for the pinnacle

A year later, she expands her focus to TV and film roles. After several auditions, Sink soon got a guest role in ‘The Americans’, a much-watched series in the United States. Sadie immediately catches the eye there too. Soon after, more roles in series such as “Blue Bloods” follow.

And then comes her big breakout. In 2016 Sink is contacted by the makers of ‘Stranger Things’. At that time, the actress herself is a big fan of the hit series. Sadie, therefore, jumps for joy when she hears that she can embody the character Max. After much practice with a skateboard, because that is one of Max’s characteristics, she starts the role of her life.

I purposely don’t put the Instagram app or other social media on my phone
Sadie Sink

The world-famous series introduces everyone to Sadie Sink. Quite overwhelming for the then 14-year-old. “I joined the cast when the series was already a huge success. It was a process for me to get used to photo shoots, press tours, and events,” she tells Glamour. Suddenly she has to deal with enormous pressure, which gives her insecurities. “Growing up in this industry, you always compare yourself to others. Then you start to doubt your abilities.” Fortunately, the actress has learned more and more over the years to take criticism and deal with pressure. Avoiding social media helps her enormously, even though her Instagram followers are close to 20 million. “I purposely don’t put the Instagram app or other social media on my phone. Every once in a while I download it to check but I’d rather not watch it. It’s full of negative things. So it’s not the best place for me.”

Friendship and money

According to Statista, the redhead earns $150,000 per episode in her first season of “Stranger Things.” Due to her increasing role, it is suspected that she will probably get even more money for the fourth season.

Sadie will be the next Meryl Streep.

But the series not only brings Sink a lot of money, but she also forges friendships for life. “You cannot describe our band. We grew up together in a unique situation. We benefited from each other, we understand each other differently,” she tells Vogue. The adult stars of the program also praise their youthful colleagues. For example, Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers in ‘Stranger Things’) predicts a flourishing career for Sadie Sink in the future. “Sadie will be the next Meryl Streep. She is so talented. It’s great to watch them grow up,” Ryder told E! news.

Career as a model

In addition to being an actress, Sink is also a sought-after model. In 2017 she walks on the catwalk for the first time. Since then, she regularly lends her looks to brands such as Givenchy and Chanel. Although her character Max is more of a tomboy, in real life Sadie Sink likes to dress fashionable and feminine. 

Taylor Swift as a teenager

Stranger Things’ also opens other doors for the actress. When Taylor
Swift plays with the idea of ​​making a short film around her song ‘All Too Well’ in 2021, she immediately has the lead actress in mind. Sadie Sink, the pop star seems like the perfect match to play a younger version of herself. A special honor for Sadie Sink, who is herself a fan of Swift. “Taylor is someone I’ve always wanted to work with, but I never thought I’d do it. I never thought our paths would cross,” she told Glamour. “Taylor is such an incredible person. It is an honor to have her as a mentor, director, and friend. Bringing such an iconic song to life was fantastic.”


Feminists should all be the same

As a woman, Sadie Sink has great feminist values. “I realize that as a woman you must be a feminist,” she tells Elle. Last year she was even regularly spotted wearing a t-shirt with a clear message: “We should all be feminists.” At WE Day UN she speaks directly to her audience: “Playing such a strong woman in ‘Stranger Things’ is such an amazing experience for me. It’s important to see healthy female friendships in the media. Max and Eleven are a perfect example of that.” The actress regrets that she feels so much competition and rivalry between women in the media. “We should all support each other,” Sadie Sink encourages. “I can’t wait to improve the representation of women in the media in the future.”

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