Five Galilea Montijo outfits to show off her legs

Galilea Montijo
Galilea Montijo

The presenter stands out for being one of the most beautiful women in the show and does not miss an opportunity to show her beauty in five looks

Showing off all her style, the television presenter does not hesitate to show that she is one of the most beautiful on the small screen and there are five outfits with which Galilea Montijo shows how to capture the eyes with one of her best qualities.


Through her publications, the host of Hoy has made it clear that she not only captivates viewers with her charisma but also her beautiful figure with which she falls in love with millions who follow the broadcast and particularly her social networks.

In the midst of her frequent publications, the Instagram celebrity boasts to her more than 9 million followers that she has beautiful legs that have drawn sighs on more than one occasion in the comments that reach the native of Guadalajara, Galilea Montijo,  who  models five key looks to highlight them even more.

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1.classic black

A short and flowing black dress that the animator of “Vida Tv” modeled in one of her sessions, revealed the toned legs of the statuesque Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, who in a past session also chose to wear it in an ideal pink color for spring.

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2.inevitable lingerie

The garment that would normally be worn under the clothes acquired a leading role in dresses or blouses, which is why several celebrities wear it as the star of their looks, such as “La Montijo” who in a session wears it in its most s3xy version in front of the camera.


Galilea Montijo 3


3.leather skirt

Leather clothing has been some of the ones that “Gali” models, making the best of her figure with a very short skirt with ribbons and with which she played by adding a blouse with the large logo of the Versace brand on the front, achieving a very classic and above all imposing with black leather boots, mid-calf.


Galilea Montijo


4.metallic dress

An ideal combination to show legs was that of the businesswoman from Latinal boutique, who opted for a short dress with a set of well defined colors that bring joy and joviality to the choice of the actress from “The Hidden Truth”.


5.Shine and more shine

If the colleague loves something and one of the “best paid on Televisa” it is the details, particularly the glitter which she wears with all the prominence and ready to perplex everyone who sees her and it was in a set of micro shorts and black vest where Montijo Torres prepared to paralyze traffic by allowing himself to be caught in a session with his back turned to show off his slim legs.

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