Rivalry in Today? These two men would be IN LOVE with Manelyk

In addition to Raúl Araiza, another man assures that Mane has great qualities in addition to physically liking her a lot

Manes love is disputed by two handsome men.
Manes love is disputed by two handsome men.

For a few weeks, love could be hanging around the forum 16 of Televisa San Ángel, where the Hoy morning show is recorded, and the attraction between Raúl Araiza and Manelyk González has been evident for the followers of the morning broadcast and of the reality show “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”.

And is that before announcing that Mane would be part of the third season of the dance contest of the Hoy program, the former Acapulco Shore was a guest on the Hoy Program, and her social network “La Pajarito” as it is also known, confessed that She was a fan of Raúl Araiza and he, in turn, assured that he had followed her in all the seasons of the controversial reality show where she became known.

Raul Araiza and Mane like each other, is there romance?

Although so far neither of the two has confirmed if there is a romance between them, the physical attraction that exists is evident because compliments are thrown on social networks and even the driver invited her to eat snails.

And it is that this May 10, Raúl Araiza shared a video where he eats snails but his brother Armando and his famous mother Norma Herrera refuse to try them, however, Manelyk signed up to go eat with him because he said that she wanted, to which the driver immediately replied that the day she wanted, he would invite her.

In previous publications, Raúl appears only in his photos, so Manelyk openly wrote him a “daddy” alluding to how handsome he looks in his image, before this, the driver and actor assured us that the real girl is also very pretty.

Another man could fight for Manelyk’s love

Rivalry in Today? These two men would be IN LOVE with Manelyk
Manelyk González sunbathes in a micro swimsuit from the beaches of Acapulco

And although much has been said that Mane could have an affair with Carlos Spitzer with whom she is a couple in “Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy”, she has made it clear that she does not want to have anything with him since they are co-workers.

Despite Mane’s refusal, Carlos assures them that although there is no romance with the former member of La Casa de Los Famosos, she is a woman who attracts him a lot because she has too many qualities that make him always turn to see her.

In addition to these qualities, Carlos Spitzer revealed that physically, Manelyk likes him a lot because “he would have to be blind” to say that he does not like him physically.

That did clarify that at the moment there is nothing but he left the possibility open since he assured that 6 more choreographies are missing for there to be something between the two.

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