Prince William would redeem himself by cheating on Kate

Prince William
Prince William

Following the harsh criticisms, the image of Prince William has been strongly influenced by what Prince William would pursue as a desperate solution.

Following the high-profile controversies surrounding the Prince of Wales’ alleged deceit of Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury, Prince William’s image has been severely harmed not only in British culture, so the future successor to the throne would seek measures to restore his reputation.


Prince William and Kate Middleton Affair Rumors, Explained

The son of Prince Charles, who has been open about his contacts with a “British model” with whom he has been involved since 2019, would make a desperate decision to pay for the harm done to him.

It should be noted that Prince William is the eldest son of Charles III and Lady Diana, making him the model to emulate as a spouse and father of a family that has been devastated by the rumours that his own brother, Harry, corroborated in “Spare.”


Kate Middleton never imagined that Prince William would cheat on her with  her best friend


As a result, Guillermo Arturo Felipe Luis has opted to be more approachable to the press and attentive to all those that approach him.

In this way, he has also given greater attention to his children and Kate Middleton in front of the media, as many have speculated, as a method for the spouse of Catherine, Princess of Wales to atone for his treasonous sins.


Kate Middleton never imagined that Prince William would cheat on her with  her best friend


It was also reported that the 40-year-old royal would have decided to take a vacation with his children and wife for Easter, travelling to an unknown location where they could have more privacy and try to fix the family problems they had in recent months, reducing tensions a few weeks before Prince Charles’ coronation on May 6.

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