Jennifer López and her three exercises for looking like a goddess at 50

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The American singer has one of the most powerful and toned figures in the entertainment industry after 35 years. What is Jennifer López‘s secret to success?

The singer and businesswoman has distinguished herself for maintaining an enviable toned body, the key to which is a series of workouts that Jennifer López’s personal trainer would share, mostly three of which the “Bronx Diva ” undertakes with zeal.


How to get an ageless body like J-Lo in your 50s


At 52 years old, the interpretation of “On the Floor” has a very defined physique and has become a kind of inspiration for many who still want to appear attractive and healthy.

In the instance of Jennifer López, a 53-year-old businesswoman. As one of the most famous entertainment people, her workout has been a part of her life for many years, thus the attention she has committed to her physique since her rise to prominence is undeniable.


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However, it is never too late to begin caring for your physical health, and these three exercises will help you to give greater firmness to some areas of the body, and something very important to highlight is rest and good hours of sleep, which are key to overall well-being, says the trainer of the “American actress,” who added to a full session of “Kirsch” that includes a series of exercises.

David Kirsch’s personal brand includes the “Platypus Walk,” sumo kicks (as well as side kicks), and hands-behind-the-head “squats.”


Jennifer Lopez Wears Braided Updo at 2019 Governors Awards — Photo | Allure


1.”Platypus Walks”

Jennifer and I conduct many of these sessions with an open mind. It is also known as “sumo squats” and provides benefits to the interior of the legs and buttocks. It also includes Pilates aspects into a training session.


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2.”Deadweight and Boxing”

They’re extremely important when done on one leg, and Kirch always integrates Pilates aspects into her sessions.


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3.”Intense Cardio”

Another of the exercises along with plyometrics sessions, whole body, core and lower body in training; they are extremely very intense and she takes it very seriously, which is wonderful for someone like me. You suggest, “Let’s do this,” and she says, “Great!” She makes a remark about her.

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