The Punisher Season 2 Review : Marvel Wants Frank to Be a Superhero


Netflix had the opportunity to go through the big door of the Marvel world. The memory of his series was linked to the success or failure of the second season of ‘The Punisher’. While it is true that it had the perfect framework to finish in the best possible way, the reality is that a production has been distorted that in its first 13 chapters, without forgetting that it was not perfect, not only surprised by its maturity and cruelty, but for being one of the best productions of Marvel in the audiovisual company.

Without wanting to enter the first delivery, which if you have not yet seen is a case of error, the series ended on a high. Two last excellent chapters that left the general public wanting more. And without missing the truth, the new of ‘The Punisher’ begins more than well, with a first episode that took the thread of what we lived two years ago, and that after the first 50 minutes makes you feel that you are in front of something that is going to be epic again. But there everything remains.

The second season of ‘The Punisher’ not only melts like sugar, but it ends up getting tired and asking you the reason for how an excellent series has dropped so much in level.

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The Punisher

The big problem is the background structure of the series, without rhythm, with two antagonists that have nothing to do and that lengthen the plot, and some chapters that should not even be. The great Achilles heel of Netflix and its stubbornness to have to issue 13 chapters when in eight or nine accounts the same and without boring. So much so, that more than 40% of the audience of the first season, has not finished seeing the second.

What are you looking for now Castle?

If in the first installment we were to a Frank Castle destroyed by his personal circumstances, a broken character who lived badly hoping that each day will pass faster waiting for a fatal fate that gave him rest. Now we see a profile of ‘superhero’, a Castle defender of the weakest and who is engaged in a fight that, at first, had nothing to do with him.

The episodes advance and a plot is forged with a new antagonist who, as always, is going to make things difficult for ‘The Punisher’. But while you try to discover the reason of all this problem, the series deviates two or three episodes to return to the facts and the “bad” of the first season, to almost forget what you were living during the first four chapters.

Once this double juncture has been proposed, the series develops with a double plot which does not fully delve into either of the two. Worst of all, something that was coming, the ending ends with a conjugation of bad ideas. Especially since there are so many fronts open that in a couple of chapters everything ends with a feeling that nothing had to do with the immense end of the first season.

Billy Russian

Proof of this is some cameo of characters, who appear without knowing the reason, who are some scenes and disappear again. I understand that the objective was to surprise the spectator, but the truth is that it gives you the feeling of “and what was painting suddenly here?”.


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The best Marvel character

Where there is no discussion is that Frank Castle is once again the best protagonist of a Marvel series. A character so atypical to conventional superheroes, but that you take love from the minute one.

In this season we have seen a different profile, the savior of the innocent, still he continues with his own internal demons and with that memory that torments him at every step. While it is true that his motivation must be taken more with pincers this season, he remains a memorable protagonist.

His iconic way of walking, his battle cries or his face of few friends during all scenes makes Frank Castle deserves a comeback. I think I’m not far when I say that a film based on this character, and with the interpretation of John Bernthal, who does a memorable job in the two seasons, would be a success on the part of the Marvel factory.

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The Punisher 2

Similarly, the character of Billy Russian loses much strength. It happens of a character with conviction, sure of itself and, within its antagonist side, someone who does evil for a reason. Now we find a character that does not understand very well how it fits, that it is guided by impulses and that it is not defined at all. While it is true that it is part of his role, after its outcome in the first season, he is not appreciated as the super villain that could be expected.

What do you think?

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