Squid game triggers 7,800% sales of classic footwear

The popularity of the Netflix series heralds that it will dominate costume choices on Halloween, as fans are already beginning to deplete inventory of the production’s most iconic garments.

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VANS white slip-on shoes have skyrocketed in sales thanks to the popularity of the Squid Game series. (Netflix)

We all know, this Halloween will be full of costumes from The Squid Game, the popular South Korean series produced by Netflix that has reached number one of the most viewed on the platform in 90 countries around the world.

What’s more, according to information from Netflix itself, the series has already surpassed La Casa de Papel as the most-watched series in the entire history of the platform.

The premise of the Squid Game is simple, “what are we willing to do for money?” And to take it to the extreme it creates a surreal and dystopian playground where players compete for a multimillion-dollar prize in jousts that resemble children’s games more South Korean traditional.

The series features at least two signature outfits, which are sure to dominate costume choices this Halloween. The first is the red jumpsuit, very similar to those of La Casa de Papel, used by the guards of The Squid Game, which is accompanied by the black masks that completely cover the face and in which there may be a circle, a square, or triangle, symbols that represent the rank and role of these guards.

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The Green Uniform Of The Participants Of The Squid Game Will Undoubtedly Be One Of The Most Used This Halloween. (Netflix)

The other could be perhaps the most common: the green uniform was worn by the participants, which is marked with their respective number. This uniform resembles the sweatshirts worn by school physical education uniforms in South Korea and has a more distinctive element, the white VANS sneakers.

According to the VANS brand, their white slip-ons have seen a 7,800% increase in sales since the series arrived on Netflix. White slip-ons, more broadly, have also seen a 97% increase in search volume, according to Lyst. They are currently on the brand page as a featured and best-selling product.

Clearly, fans are looking to recreate the matching uniforms players wear in the Korean thriller.

In contrast, those who choose to seek to wear the villains’ attire have also had a significant impact on internet search trends, which in the case of red suits have increased by 62% in recent weeks.

White Slip-On Vans Worn By Characters From The Squid Game.

Another popular costume from the series will undoubtedly be the evil killer doll who runs the “red light, green light” game, the first one that Squid Game contestants must overcome.

Inspired by a well-known drawing from children’s textbooks in South Korea, the doll is wearing an orange dress with a yellow T-shirt and knee-high socks.

In the series, that doll is a robot that gives the indications of “green light” so that the contestants advance, and “red light” so that they remain petrified like statues, then, whoever moves, receives a shot (or several ) deadly to be literally eliminated from the game.

Diabolical Doll In Squid Game And The Guards In Red Who Guard The Contestants.

Regardless of the costume chosen, it is not risky to say that this Halloween will be dominated by squids, and while the date arrives, the brands continue to capitalize on the success of the series. But if your pick is the contestants’ standard outfit, rush for your VANS because they’re running out.


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