Doc, the series based on a real case of a doctor who does not remember what happened in the last 12 years

The Italian production based on a doctor who was shot and had his temporary record altered comes to Canal Sony

Dooc 1
The actor Luca Argentero is the doctor Andrea Fanti in the DOC series

Medical dramas were always successful and well received by the audience for many years before the platforms became part of the habitual consumption of cultural products. So ERThe Good DoctorChicago Hope, or the most recent New Amsterdam drag their number of fans around the world, who seem to never tire of seeing new stories behind the white coats.

Now, a new proposal arrives from Italy. This is Doc, a series that premiered in that country on the Rai Uno channel during the pandemic in 2020 and had 9 million viewers. The series became the most successful nationally produced medical fiction in the history of Italian television.

Doc 2
Doc, The Italian Series Set In The World Of Medicine

Doc contributed in some way to highlight again the role of doctors within societies that in some cases were considered heroes of this pandemic. It should be remembered that in many countries for months and months the citizens came out to their balconies to applaud the work of health employees. Its premiere for the public in Argentina will arrive this Monday, October 18 on the screen of Canal Sony at 22.

The series tells in the first person the story of doctor Andrea Fanti (played by Luca Argentero, the actor who accompanied Julia Roberts in Eat, pray and love ) based on the true story of doctor Pierdante Piccioni who suffered an accident on May 13, 2013, when he was shot by the father of a patient he was treating. But the most surprising thing was that, when he woke up from the coma, he was convinced that it was October 25, 2001.

This loss of time and space with a difference of 12 years will provoke in the doctor the need to reconstruct a new story of his own life. As if they were two different people, in Doc we will see how these two Andrea (the fictional name used to tell the story of Pierdante) debate each other: the one before the accident, full of energy and willing to work, and the that arises after this tragedy. The series begins by showing this doctor as one more patient on the way to recovery after the trauma caused by that fatal shot. The real doctor took the lead in the pandemic and is identified as a COVID doctor.

Doc 3
The Series Recreates The Life Of Dr. Pierdante Piccioni, Who Upon Waking From The Coma Did Not Remember What Happened In His Life In The Last 12 Years

When Dr. Fanti begins to see his colleagues, it is difficult for them to identify them as he does not understand why they have so many wrinkles. His temporal record was completely altered with a severely injured cerebral cortex. Technological advances, family members, and friends seem to be far-off matters on the doctor’s mind. In this way, the doctor who had saved so many lives is now one more patient who needs extreme care from his own colleagues.

However, his work capacity remains intact and he decides to return to the ring. Thus he is under the orders of a group of residents who are 20 years his junior and whom Dr. Fanti had previously mistreated. Shuffling and giving again also applies to his profession, which, despite not having lost his clinical eye to solve different diseases and his ability to diagnose, will have to learn again almost from scratch.

Raffaele Esposito (Commissioner Montalbano), Matilde Gioli (Human Capital), Gianmarco Saurino (Che Dio ci aiuti), Sara Lazzaro (The Young Pope), Giovanni Scifoni (One Step from Heaven) and Beatrice Grannò (lI Capitano Maria) They are part of the cast of Doc . The series is directed by Jan Maria Michelini (Los Medici) and has already confirmed a second season.


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