Ozark: the end of the Netflix series is twisted and consistent with what has been seen so far… but not entirely satisfactory

The end of ‘Ozark’ has already arrived on Netflix . Surely it takes very little time for spoilers to make an appearance through social networks, but I am going to ignore them when assessing how the closure of a series has been that in its third season finished taking the step forward that was missing to sneak into the best of the platform

Ozark the end of the Netflix series is twisted and consistent with what has been seen so far but not entirely satisfactory

When I shared with you my opinion about the first three episodes of this definitive installment of ‘Ozark‘, I told you that everything pointed to a tragic outcome and do not doubt that there are several deaths in the final stretch of the series, but I admit that I expected something different from what its showrunner Chris Mundy has offered us.

‘Ozark’ has always been a show about balance, with Marty juggling himself and his family to stay alive. That’s a bet that’s up here, but the truth is that the thing often turns more to Wendy and how she is the one who makes a series of incredible decisions. Up to a certain point, it is explicitly said that the character played by Laura Linney has thrown a lot of balls at her to do what she does.
And is that ‘Ozark’ is also a series about transformation.

Marty was already corrupted from the start, but the closeness that Jason Bateman conveyed to the character allowed the series to play with the empathy that we could feel towards him. But the rest of her family is a different case, with Wendy turning more and more to the dark side, something that reached a point of no return with the sacrifice of her brother.

Something different is what happened with their children, sometimes almost a hindrance to the series but whose growth has been more and more evident as the seasons passed. In this second part of the fourth season, it is even clear that Wendy would sacrifice everything for which she has fought so hard not to lose Charlotte and Jonah, to the point that the moment of greatest despair arises in that way.

One of the great unknowns of the series is what will happen exactly in that relationship between parents and children, but in parallel, there are other plots to clarify, from what Ruth will do and the repercussions of her actions or the entire criminal network that Marty is trying to get out of. and Wendy. Along the way, there is no shortage of surprises, but perhaps a greater sense of urgency is missing considering that we are heading towards the destination point.

Why is it an ending that does not fall in love

This is where the series would have been grateful to take that unmistakable use of tension that it has been making since its first season one step further. Marty was already between a rock and a hard place, always managing to slip away. Here everything suggested a certain lack of control, but the truth is that this never gets transferred to the series, not even when the Byrde’s situation seems more unfavorable.

That more measured approach fits perfectly with the characteristic tone of the series and in some cases adds a quite successful layer of drama, but at the moment of truth, it also dampens any kind of surprise effect. This leaves a certain bittersweet taste, to the point that the farewell to the series can feel more like an extension than a closure.

Without going into details, the idea that is wanted to be conveyed with that ending is perfectly understood, and what happens when the image has already disappeared settles any type of doubt that may remain, but something is missing that conveys a sensation of being something truly definitive. That is something that makes it clear to us that it is not worth going beyond this, that this was the story.

In short

Ozark‘ has concluded its journey with an episode faithful to what the series has been and tying up several loose ends. In addition, it has offered a twisted ending but is consistent with what has been raised until then. The problem is that as a definitive ending it does not have all the strength necessary to close the series in style. It works but does not fall in love.

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