365 days: That day movie shows that sex and controversy are a safe bet with one of the best premieres for a Netflix movie

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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365 Days
365 days

‘365 days: That day’ has once again shown that sex and controversy are safe values by achieving one of the best premieres to date for a film in English. Launched on the platform on April 27, the sequel to ‘365 days’ directed by Barbara Bialowas has added 77.98 million hours watched during its first five days available on the platform.

A great success

These data make ‘365 days: That day’ the fifth best premiere for a Netflix movie spoken in English during its first week available on the platform. Ahead of her we only have ‘Red Alert’ (148.72 million), ‘Don’t Look Up’ (111.03 million), ‘The Adam Project’ (92.43 million), ‘My First Kiss 3’ (90 .86 million).

Of course, the achievement of ‘365 days: That day’ has a certain trick, since Netflix usually releases its original films on Fridays and the film starring Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka arrived on the platform on Wednesday. That makes the comparison somewhat unfair – even more so if we take into account that Netflix only provided this type of data since the end of June of last year – but it does not diminish its impressive success.

We will have to see how it holds up during its second week, but it should not be ruled out that it ends up sneaking into the Top 10 all-time. Currently, the tenth place is occupied by ‘Spenser: Confidencial’ with 197.32 million hours in 28 days and ‘365 days: That day’ adds 77.98 million in just 5…

By the way, Netflix is going to continue squeezing this erotic franchise this year with the premiere of ” Next 365 Days ” on a date yet to be specified. While you wait for its arrival, at Espinof we have a list of the best erotic movies you have on Netflix, another of the best erotic movies of all time, and a selection of 4 powerful erotic movies to watch on different streaming platforms.

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