Netflix: the horror film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by one of the best directors in history

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

This film is one of the most intense on the platform, since it has been reported by some users to trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.

Yes, Netflix, the streaming behemoth, offers a wide range of films in which Leonardo DiCaprio has starred, which is best known for being in film projects of many film genres, such as horror, comedy, action, adventure, romance, and even horror that, without a doubt, does a superb job in each of them.

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In this way, we have seen the American actor in a number of great films, but perhaps you have never seen Shutter Island, also known in Spanish as “La Isla Siniestra,” which opened in 2010 and was directed by and starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.

“The Sinister Island” is a feature film set in the 1950s that follows two police officers, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, as they travel from Boston, Massachusetts, to an island where a psychiatric hospital is located, but this is not a centre for the mentally ill, as there are people who committed a crime.

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What is this tape about?

“Sinister Island” is about federal agents Ted Daniels and Chuck Out, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, respectively. It’s 1954, and both agents have been transferred to Shutter Island, a psychiatric institution and prison for offenders with mental illnesses who have been formed by their misdeeds.

While on the island, the cops must look into the disappearance of an inmate who murdered her children and then fled without leaving a sign of her location.

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And, despite the fact that the federal agents’ nightmare begins with the second one, the truth is that they will have a little help in their search after receiving the support of the psychiatric professionals in charge of the place, who will show them and assist them in each of the corners of this gloomy mental sanatorium.

Although they have the means to track down the missing convict, the truth is that they will be drawn into the unpleasant atmosphere and the affects of being around people who are emotionally and mentally unstable.

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One of them was Daniel’s people, who is haunted by recollections of his wife’s terrible death and his war experience, feelings and memories that would be severely impacted by being in this facility. What begins as a regular investigation quickly turns into something sinister, and the agents will find stunning and scary realities about this island that could endanger their lives.

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