Jennifer Lopez discusses her top cosmetic tip for getting rid of mouth wrinkles

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

See JLo’s secret to wrinkle-free skin at 50. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most gorgeous celebrities, and she still looks stunning at the age of 53.

Despite her stringent beauty regimen, JLo recently revealed her top beauty trick for eliminating mouth wrinkles in no time. That is a Korean tip that you should incorporate into your skincare routine if you want to have porcelain skin like JLo.

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This is how JLo gets rid of wrinkles on her face.

Jennifer Lopez offered one of her top beauty tips for smooth, wrinkle-free skin on Instagram: a Korean mask. The singer shared a video in which she shows how she applies a sheet mask to the lower half of her face, covering the mouth, moustache, and cheeks and ending at her ears to keep it from slipping off at all times.

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According to JLo, this Korean face mask is appropriate for usage in the spring since we need to moisturise the skin and keep it cool during the warmer season, and this method is great for that.

Furthermore, sheet masks are distinguished by being a thin fabric that is produced with anti-aging active substances like as collagen, hyaluronic acid, or retinol, so that your skin may absorb these nutrients to the greatest extent possible and you will have outstanding skin.

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How do you make a Korean mask to eliminate mouth wrinkles?

While Jennifer Lopez did not disclose which face mask she uses, you can manufacture your own Korean face mask to remove mouth wrinkles. All you’ll need is a clean sheet mask, which you can acquire at any beauty store for a fairly low price, and some carrots.

  • Carrot juice should be extracted.
  • Put your sheet mask on top and let it to absorb all of the liquid.
  • Put the mask on your face and you’re done!


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Carrots are high in vitamin A, the vitamin from which retinol is formed, which is the best asset for fighting ageing, therefore it will be ideal for erasing wrinkles from the lips and the rest of the face.

It is also excellent for reducing spots and increasing skin brightness. Remember to apply sunscreen on a daily basis, as this is one of Jennifer Lopez’s beauty recommendations for having flawless skin at 50.

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