Netflix confirms season 2 of the controversial series The Snow Girl

The Snow Girl
The Snow Girl

Finally, the second installment of The Snow Girl was made official with a formal announcement by the Netflix platform

Finally, the second installment of The Snow Girl was made official with a formal announcement by the Netflix platform , so this time we will let you know all the details.


There is no doubt that The Snow Girl was one of the most outstanding premieres of January and has already positioned itself among the most watched series so far this year.

This Spanish production, created by Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig, based on Javier Castillo’s novel of the same name, was a success on the Netflix streaming service and that is why it received the green light for a season 2.

Its plot is set in 2010, when a little girl named Amaya Martín disappears in the crowd during the Three Kings parade in Malaga.


A trainee journalist, Miren, begins her own investigation to find the girl, together with the journalist Eduardo, in parallel to the investigation of inspector Belén Millán.

On the morning of this Tuesday, the official networks of the platform confirmed that The Snow Girl will have a second season. However, at the moment there is no release date , but it could arrive in early 2024. In addition, the author of the novel, Javier Castillo, also posted on Twitter to celebrate the news.


“I’m especially excited to announce that The Soul Game is in development to become a series, to take Miren even further than it already has. So yes, the second season of The Snow Girl is confirmed!”


It should be noted that it is not known what the new episodes of The Snow Girl will be about, but the end of the first season hinted at a second part, since the final scene was adapted from the first chapter of the second book, The Game of the Soul , with a new mystery that the journalist Miren must solve.

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