Netflix and the German miniseries with only 3 chapters, will leave you breathless


Today we will introduce you to the German miniseries with only 3 chapters that you can find on Netflix and that will leave you breathless.

Today we will introduce you to the German miniseries with only 3 chapters that you can find on Netflix and that will leave you breathless, so continue reading to find out the details.


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We are talking about ” Crim1nal Germany “, a story that was originally released in 2019.

It should be noted that the series consists of 4 parts, one from each country (United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany).



All versions of the series are available on Netflix, so you can binge, and the best thing about each series is that they have been filmed in their native languages, but can be accessed through subtitles.

This German series tells the story of an investigator who must, inside the interrogation room, make confess or, at least, gather enough evidence to convict those responsible for a crime.


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The German Netflix series is narrated almost entirely within the interrogation room, and not many more scenarios are used, so from chapter to chapter you can feel the tension and at times the atmosphere becomes suffocating, to the point that one can feel inside said room with the alleged criminal and the investigator.

One of the points in favor of this series is that a lot of data and information is hidden from the viewer, so one can be surprised chapter by chapter.


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As we mentioned before, this German series that is available on Netflix consists of 3 chapters of approximately 45 minutes, so it can be seen in one go in one day.


“Crim1nal Germany” stars Eva Meckbach, Sylvester Groth, Florence Kasumba and Christian Kuchenbuch, and is directed by George Kay, Jim Field Smith, and Oliver Hirschbiegel, the first two also being creators of the saga.

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