Money Heist: Korea Season 2 premiere dates on Netflix

Money Heist Korea
Money Heist Korea

The success of Money Heist led Netflix to prepare a South Korean adaptation, a fiction that hit the platform on June 24. The remake, titled La casa de Papel: Corea ( Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area ) has landed on Netflix with six episodes, but when will season 2 be released?

At the moment, Netflix has not announced the official release date, but it is known that the platform ordered and shot 12 episodes from the beginning. According to What’s on Netflix, the second batch of six chapters is likely to hit the platform sometime in 2022.

Season 2 will have to reveal the consequences of The Professor’s plan. Moscow has been digging a tunnel to escape and has finally made landfall. For their part, the hostages continue to work in the false tunnel to distract the authorities.

Also, Nairobi and some of the Mint workers are printing unmarked notes. The group has been hit hard as authorities have identified Rio, Nairobi, and Berlin, meaning they will have to flee the country as soon as they leave the Mint.

The paper house: Korea includes a big difference from the original series: the fiction reveals that The Professor taught economics at the university years ago and there he met Woo Jin’s ex-husband, Kim Sangman. Impressed by his ideas of a unified Korean Peninsula, Sangman introduced The Professor to an influential figure, who then hired him to write the unification plan. It’s because, if The Professor used his real name, the police could have access to his identity.

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