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Netflix paid $ 150 million for this movie, have you seen it yet? We leave you the TRAILER

It is a film starring Ryan Raynolds that is essential within the Netflix billboard

In this tape appears Ryan Reynolds
In this tape appears Ryan Reynolds

More and more options are emerging to watch content and have entertainment via streaming; However, despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand worldwide, mainly because it is  committed  to the best   film releases , from the most recent to the classics .

Let’s remember that since the arrival of  Amazon Prime Video , Disney + and now Paramount plus, the streaming giant is   now looking for a way to stand out from the competition .

And precisely under this scenario in which the quarantine has represented greater competition, is that Netflix now invests more and more in its movies, series and shorts .

That is why the famous platform with a red logo has paid more than 150 million dollars to create a film that it considered essential for its billboard within the titles of its own productions .

It is nothing more and nothing less than Squad 6, a film starring Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Dave Franco, great actors in the world of  action .

It was due to the high demand for action movies that Netflix decided to offer the most money to create it, as there were multiple challenges to produce it, however, once again this multi – million dollar company succeeded .

What is the movie about?

This film tells the story followed in six from different parts of the world, and in them an agent with ambition and a unique desire to leave his past behind to change the future, this after  a multimillionaire genius of technology simulates his death and conforms to This coveted international team to overthrow a dangerous dictator , to achieve it, the protagonists embark on a risky mission from which they will have no return .

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