Netflix and the 5 shows you must watch if you enjoyed Velvet


Today, we’ll tell you about the five Netflix programs you should watch if you loved “Velvet.” Today, we will tell you about the five series that you must watch if you loved ” Velvet ” on the famous Netflix platform, and that you must not miss for anything in the world, so take note.

Velvet is an absolutely unforgettable Spanish television classic for fans of drama and romance. It told the story of an heir to a fashion company who falls in love with a dressmaker who works there over the course of four seasons.

House of Flowers' Manolo Caro on Netflix Hit 'Someone Has to Die' - Variety

This enabled him to create the Velvet Collection spin-off and the Velvet Collection Grand Finale film. If you’ve already seen everything and are still hungry for more, we recommend 5 related Netflix programs.


Velvet has captivated audiences by blending a period story with drama, romance, family problems, and, above all, stunning costumes.

Bridgerton, a two-season Netflix series, follows the same pattern.

It is based on Julia Quinn’s novels and follows eight siblings from a high-society family in London who are yearning for love and happiness.

Watch The Cook of Castamar | Netflix Official Site

Castamar’s cook

In Velvet, Ana and Alberto’s desire is unavoidable, but they face a big impediment: he is their boss and belongs to a different socioeconomic class.

Something similar occurs in La cocinera de Castamar, a Netflix original series set in 1720 Madrid.

Based on Fernando J. Mez’s novel, it depicts a chef who falls for a widower duke who visits aristocratic society.

Watch The Cook of Castamar | Netflix Official Site

The Charity Bazaar

If the issue of social class divisions and women’s roles piqued your interest in Velvet, you can now add The Bazaar of Charity to your list.

It is set in 1897 Paris and is based on actual events, with eight episodes available on Netflix.

In this fashion, it follows three women who, following a tragic fire, experience deception, disappointment, and romantic difficulties.

Cable Girls' Trailer, Platino Market, 'Gyspy Bride' Adaptation - Variety

The Cable Girls

If you enjoyed Velvet, you will enjoy this classic Spanish series.

This is Las Chicas del Cable, a six-season Netflix original that follows four operators of the Spanish Telephone Company.

They will signal a revolution and raise their voices for women’s rights while they struggle with their jobs, friendships, and relationships.

The Empress': Netflix Orders Season 2 – The Hollywood Reporter

The Empress

Isabel, a rebellious woman who unexpectedly falls in love with Emperor Francis and marries him, is the protagonist on this occasion.

When the stress of the Viennese court intrudes on his life, the conflict will emerge.

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