He’s behind you, the Netflix movie that will make you shudder to the point of delusion of persecution

Hes behind you
Hes behind you

According to the “Washington Post,” this is one of the most unique horror films in the last 25 years.

Horror films frequently feature unoriginal plots that rely on clichés like curses or possessions from playing with the Ouija board, but what if a sexual experience triggered something otherworldly to pursue you everywhere?

What are your plans? “He’s behind you” is a Netflix film that takes the concept of delusion of persecution to a new level, where the idea of being alone is unpleasant, but the feeling of always being surrounded is far more stifling.

The plot centres around an 18-year-old girl who, after having sex with a popular male in her class, is confronted with something unexpected: an entity begins to pursue her with the purpose of stealing her soul.

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Although the plot of this horror picture is not particularly inventive, what should be emphasized is the way it employs simple characterizations to build stress in the spectator, which, perplexed, watches how the adversary might be anywhere. part and play a character you appear to have already known.

Indeed, there comes a point when you’re not sure if the protagonist’s sister is her accomplice or not, or whether the neighbor’s mother truly has good intentions.

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Everything becomes perplexing in a story that demonstrates that nothing is as it appears and that even the slowest parasite can cause irreparable damage, where the only way to get rid of it is through an intimate encounter with another person, who sometimes in turn must continue transmitting the curse so that the entity does not return for it and then for you.

“He’s behind you,” the Netflix horror film that will keep you up at night

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If, despite this, you still believe that this film will not be able to capture your attention, it should be noted that the criticism of this film was not only generally positive, but also helped it position itself as one of the jewels of horror cinema, which manages to generate tension among the spectators, who witness a new way of inflicting horror without the classic “surprising” elements that have become so common in this film genre.

He's behind you! : Gulf Weekly Online


The success of this Netflix film was such that the “Washington Post” described it as one of the most original horror films of the last 25 years, making this dramatic story with an unconventional ending a perfect choice for a night of popcorn when you don’t want to leave your house unless you want to feel observed and persecuted by anyone who approaches you.

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“Wherever you are, it will walk right towards you,” is the phrase with which Jay, the protagonist of ” He’s behind you “, begins to fall prey to a dangerous chase in which a romantic date turned into a race where she can be faster, but never enough to get away completely from the presence that was acquired as if it were a sexually transmitted disease, with the only difference being that here there are no symptoms, only lurking looks that seek to forever end their earthly life.

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Will she be able to break the curse, or will it plague her for the rest of her life? Discover out in this Netflix short that plays with shots and angles to create the illusion of a thrilling chase in which your hands will sweat and your nerves will fray to the point of feeling watched for a day… or perhaps for a full day. life.

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