Michael Jackson’s legendary wardrobe: create your own appearance in the style of the King of Pop

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson‘s wardrobe is one of the most recognisable parts of the king of pop mythology, and we examine the elements that defined his distinct style.

Michael Jackson was known not only as the King of Pop, but also for his unique and lavish attire, which helped him become a fashion legend.

From her white gloves to her glittery coats, her clothes became an important part of her image both on and off stage.


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Here are some of Michael Jackson’s most memorable outfits that have left their imprint on fashion and pop culture.

The White Glove is a type of glove. The white glove that Michael Jackson used to wear on his right hand is without a doubt one of the most iconic parts of his style.

This item became his personal seal and is regarded as one of the most iconic clothes in music history. The white glove was studded with sequins and diamonds and quickly became a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

Michael Jackson - Biography, Musician, Entertainer

The Red Jacket from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Michael Jackson’s red jacket from the Thriller video has become one of pop culture’s most iconic items of clothing.

Deborah Landis designed the jacket, which was made of red leather with gold zippers and has since become a collector’s item for fans of the singer.

The Billie Jean Dress. The suit Michael Jackson wore in the Billie Jean video is another of his most memorable outfits. The suit consisted of a white shirt, a fitting jacket, and tight trousers.

A Look Inside Michael Jackson's IMPRESSIVE Closet | by the detail. | Medium

The use of black and white on the jacket and shirt has become one of the singer’s most recognisable visuals.

The Shiny Jacket of Bad. Michael Jackson’s dazzling jacket from the Bad video has become one of his most recognisable clothes. The black jacket was embellished with gold and silver sequins and glitter.

This outfit became a fashion symbol of the 1980s, and numerous artists have replicated it throughout the years.

The King Of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson – Rolling Stone

Michael Jackson’s famous apparel left an indelible effect on fashion and pop culture.

From his white glove to his glittery blazers, each piece became a crucial part of his image and drove him to popularity. Despite the fact that he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on via design and music.

The impact of Michael Jackson on fashion and modern art

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Michael Jackson’s impact on fashion and modern art is unmistakable. The singer was known not just for his songs, but also for his colourful and distinct style, which helped him become a fashion and pop culture star.

His influence on fashion was so profound that many contemporary designers and artists were inspired to develop their own collections by his renowned clothes.

Designers like as Balmain, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy, for example, have reinvented the red Thriller jacket multiple times.

victory-tour – Michael Jackson World Network

Furthermore, Michael Jackson’s impact may be observed in today’s streetwear, with the prominence of skinny jeans and sparkling jackets.

Michael Jackson’s influence can also be seen in the field of modern art. Numerous artists, including sculptures, paintings, and photography, have been influenced by his image and song.

Michael Jackson’s iconic position in his “Smooth Criminal” music video has become a reoccurring figure in contemporary art.

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