Marvel actor could be the perfect candidate to play Goku

Despite the enormous success of the ‘Dragon Ball’ franchise, its “live action” adaptations have not had the same fate at all.

Marvel actor could be the perfect candidate to play Goku

Since Disney bought the “21st Century Fox” on March 20, 2019, fans have not stopped speculating about the possible adaptations that the company could bring to the big screen, and one of them is that of ” Dragon Ball “.

Dragon Ball was created as a manga in 1984, by Akira Toriyama, and since then its success has not stopped, especially in its anime version, achieving great popularity around the world.

Dragonball Evolution
Dragonball Evolution

Despite the enormous success of the “Dragon Ball” franchise, its ” live action ” adaptations have not had the same fate at all, they are even remembered for the resounding failure they have represented both at the box office and critics.

The most remembered adaptation of the saga is the 2009 film, ” Dragonball Evolution “, where Goku starred Justin Chatwin, receiving severe criticism from fans.


Now that Disney has the rights to “Dragon Ball”, fans have regained their hopes of being able to see an adaptation that does justice to the story created by Toriyama, especially if we take into account what the company has done with other celebrities franchises like Star Wars, or the Marvel universe.
Although so far the Mickey Mouse company does not have any project that involves “ Los Guerreros Z ” on the horizon, some Internet users have not hesitated to start applying for actors to play Goku.

In recent days, a Brazilian artist named Samukarts, posted on his Instagram profile a “fanart” of what Kakaroto played by Simu Liu would look like, who we could see as Shang-Chi in the movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ”(2021). The image surprised many, who highlighted the great resemblance the actor had with Goku, commenting that he was perfect for the role.

On the other hand, actor Dylan O’Brien showed his interest in becoming the Saiyan warrior during an interview, but so far nothing is certain.

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